Agilent 7890A GC Right Angle View
Agilent 7890A Left Angle

Agilent 7890A GC with NPD



  • Agilent 7890A GC
    • Split/Splitless (S/S) inlet
    • Nitrogen Phosphorous Detector (NPD)
    • 220V; can be converted to 120V upon request
  • Warranty Coverage


  • GC Starter Kit
  • Liquid, Headspace, or SPME Samplers
  • Workbench
  • Installation & Familiarization
  • Extended Warranty


  • Fast, precise temperature ramping offers flexibility for method development and optimization
  • Faster oven cool-down
  • 5th-generation Electronic Pneumatics Control (EPC) and digital electronics
  • Breakthrough Capillary Flow Technology
  • Flow Splitting
  • Fast, Easy Inlet Maintenance
  • Optimal chromatography, including peak symmetry, retention time repeatability and retention index accuracy
  • Extremely precise retention time reproducibility
  • Advanced separation capabilities, powerful new productivity enhancements, and real-time self-monitoring instrument intelligence
  • Nitrogen Phosphorous Detector (NPD)

Known for reliability, productivity and longevity, the Agilent GC has a well-earned reputation as a workhorse in the lab. This Agilent 7890A Gas Chromatograph (GC), expertly refurbished at GenTech Scientific, offers everything you need to take your lab to the next level of GC performance.

Features like faster heating and cooling allows for shorter analysis times and increased throughput – get more done in less time, at a lower cost per sample. 5th-generation Electronic Pneumatics Control (EPC) and digital electronics set a new benchmark for pressure set-point and retention time locking precision (0.001 psi) and help make the 7890A one of the most dependable GCs ever. Agilent’s proprietary breakthrough Capillary Flow Technology provides durable and leak-free, in-oven capillary connections. The split splitless injector allows for versatile sample introduction, with split mode for trace analysis and splitless mode for higher sensitivity. Because the Agilent 7890A system is built upon proven 6890 GC inlets, detectors and GC oven, you can transfer methods to the 7890A GC with complete confidence.

The Nitrogen Phosphorous Detector (NPD) makes it possible to analyze organic compounds containing nitrogen or phosphorous.

Robust and reliable, with proven precision and sensitivity, this Agilent 7890A GC with NPD offers next level performance. This 7890A GC comes refurbished and tested from GenTech Scientific. Request a quote today!






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How GenTech Refurbishes Used Lab Instruments

Every refurbished instrument we sell undergoes a complete electronics inspection and performance evaluation. The instruments undergo in-depth preventative maintenance procedures that include extensive cleaning, detector maintenance, line and pump flushing. Routine maintenance is also addressed and filters, liners, tubing, etc. are all replaced as needed. A full calibration and data verification is performed ensuring our refurbished laboratory instruments are in excellent working condition.

Our expert service engineers and chemists can install and custom-configure the system to be compliant with the methods you plan to run.