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This week’s Tech Tips is a little different. Earlier this month, William Nichols, MS, an instructor with the Biotechnological Science Department at Erie Community College (SUNY Erie, also known locally as ECC), interviewed GenTech CCO Yvette Pagano and Field Service Engineer, Mike McKenna.

SUNY Erie’s Biotechnological Science Department offers an Associate Degree in Applied Science in Biotechnological Science, and the choice of two different concentration options – the Standard concentration or a Cannabis concentration, launched in the Fall 2021 semester. With the legalization of cannabis for both medical and adult use in New York, not to mention in an increased number of states across the country, this industry is poised for continued growth.

Bill asked Yvette and Mike for tips for students focused on cannabis science, and on entering the cannabis industry. Watch that discussion below.

To learn more about the Cannabis degree program, download a program flyer. Then visit SUNY Erie’s Admissions page for more information and to apply.

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