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Gas chromatography is a critical aspect of many laboratories; it allows technicians to separate, measure, and analyze organic molecules and gases. Gas chromatography is used in a wide range of applications including food analysis, manufacturing quality and control, forensics, and research.

Technicians can obtain the information they require using chromatographs and a detector. Both must be present to get results.

What Is a Detector in Gas Chromatography?

The detector is a critical component in the chromatograph. It forms the core of the equipment. The detector translates and provides information gathered by the chromatograph in a format usable to the technician. This information can then be stored and used by recording devices and computers, allowing technicians to analyze the data and make crucial decisions.

Different Types of Detectors

There are several different types of detectors used in gas chromatography.

Gas Density Balance

The gas density balance detector, or GDB, measures the density of the present gases. Information gathered by GDBs is determined by the carrier gas’s physical properties and related compounds.

Thermal Conductivity Detector

Thermal conductivity detectors, or TCDs, are universal components. TCDs are popular in gas chromatography and are used to analyze gases and organic compounds. TCDs are most often used when sensitivity is not an issue.

Flame Ionization Detector

The flame ionization detector, or FID, is perhaps the most popular of all gas chromatography detectors. FIDs are widely appreciated for their steadfast dependability and sensitivity when detecting organic vapors.

Thermo Iconic Detector

Thermo ionic detectors, or TIDs, are not as widely used as FIDs and TCDs. These detectors are used to gauge and measure the presence of compounds featuring phosphorous or nitrogen atoms.

Flame Photometric Detector

Similar to thermo iconic detectors, flame photometric detectors (FPDs) are used for select applications. These devices detect components with phosphorous or sulfuric atoms.

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