Dionex Ion Chromatography System

Manufacturer: Dionex


  • Dionex AS50 Autosampler
    • 100 position sample tray
  • Dionex LC25 Chromatography Oven
  • Dionex EG40 Eluent Generator
  • Dionex ED40 Electrochemical Detector
  • Dionex GP50 Gradient Pump
  • Chromeleon Data System
  • One (1) Year In-House Repair Warranty


  • PC Pneumatic Controller
  • Installation & Familiarization
  • Extended Warranty

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Dionex Ion Chromatography System

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Dionex Ion Chromatography System

Dionex AS50 Autosampler

The Dionex Autoselect AS50 Autosampler precisely delivers from 1.0 to 99.9 µL (in 0.1 µL increments) or 100 to 1000 µL (in 1 µL increments) of sample to an injection valve. During sampling, the tray remains stationary and a sampling needle arm moves from vial to vial. Up to 99 injections can be taken from each vial. The AS50 can be controlled locally, from the front panel keypad and display, or remotely, with a personal computer running Chromeleon software. The AS50 can be configured with PEEK flow paths and components for ion chromatography (IC) applications, or with stainless steel flow paths and components for high-performance liquid chromatography applications (HPLC).

  • Delivers 1.0-99.9 µL (in 0.1 µL increments) or 100-1000 µL (in 1 µL increments) of sample to an injection valve
  • 100 position sample tray

LC25 Chromatography Oven

The LC25 Chromatography Oven provides a controlled above-ambient temperature environment for the chromatography components of a Dionex IC20 Ion Chromatograph or a DX 500 system. The LC25 injection valve is an automated, electrically-actuated PEEK valve. The LC25

  • Operates over a range of 30 to 45 °C (86 to 113 °F)

Dionex EG40 Eluent Generator

The use of eluent generators in IC has several significant advantages. Separations can be performed using only deionized water as the carrier. Eluent generators produce high purity, containment free acid and base eluents on-line. The use of these high purity eluents can significantly improve the performance of ion chromatography methods.

  • Operating pressure: 2000 psi(14MPa) - 3000 psi (21MPa)

Dionex ED40 Electrochemical Detector

The ED40 Electrochemical Detector measures current resulting from the application of potential (voltage) across electrodes in flow through cells. Depending on the method by which the potential is applied and the current measured, several different properties of the flowing solution can be determined.
The ED40 provides the three major forms of electrochemical detection: Conductivity, DC Amperometry, and Integrated Amperometry. Pulsed Amperometry is a form of Integrated Amperometry.

  • Conductivity detection is based on the measurement of the magnitude of electrical current carried by dissolved ions in an electric field.
  • DC Amperometric detection is based on the measurement of current resulting from oxidation or reduction (electrolysis) of analyte molecules at the surface of an electrode.
  • Integrated and Pulsed Amperometric detection are similar to DC Amperometry in that molecules are oxidized or reduced at the surface of an electrode. However, current is measured by integration during a portion of a repeating potential vs. time waveform.

Dionex GP50 Gradient Pump

The GP50 Gradient Pump is an integral part of a Dionex chromatography system. It is a microprocessor-based, dual-piston, variable-speed, gradient delivery system designed to blend and pump mixtures of up to four different eluents at precisely controlled flow rates. The pump can deliver the selected eluent composition isocratically, or as a multistep linear or curved gradient. A Digital Signal Processor (DSP) provides high speed control of pump flow and pressure.

  • Designed to blend and pump mixtures of up to four different eluents at precisely controlled flow rates