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  • Agilent 1100 Capillary Pump (G1376A)
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Boasting Agilent reliability, this 1100 Series capillary pump uses a unique pump technology that optimizes the system for capillary LC, offering a high level of sensitivity and reproducibility. The pump incorporates an electronic flow control (EFC) that measures and controls the actual flow rate, rather than depending on calculations, and assures flow rate stability throughout the analysis. The pump provides flow rates from 1µl/min up to 100µl/min, with full gradient capability for capillary LC and 2.5ml/min in normal mode for a wide range of flexibility. This capillary pump is ideally suited for capillary LC and LC/MS applications, such as bio-pharmaceutical research, where sample volumes are limited and higher sensitivity is essential. This Agilent 1100 Capillary Pump comes expertly refurbished from GenTech Scientific.


  • Electronic flow control (EFC)
  • Flow rates from 1 µl/min up to 100 µl/min, with full gradient capability for capillary LC and 2.5 ml min in standard mode for a wide range of flexibility
  • Retention time (RT) stability – independent from column back pressure for maximum performance
  • Accurate flow rates – even with solvent mixtures
  • Automatic purge valve
  • Low delay volume


  • Hydraulic system: Two dual pistons in series, with proprietary servo-controlled variable stroke drive, floating pistons and active inlet valve, solvent selection valve and electronic flow control (EFC) for flow rates up to 100 µl/min
  • Settable column flow range: 0.01 – 20 µl/min, 0.01 – 100 µl/min (with extended flow range kit), 0.001 – 2.5 ml/min (electronic flow control bypassed)
  • Recommended column flow range: 1–20 µl/min, 10–100 µl/min (with extended flow range kit)
  • Column flow precision: < 0.7 % RSD or 0.03 SD, whatever is greater (typically < 0.4 % RSD or 0.02 SD), at 10 µl/min and 50 µl/min column flow (based on RT, default settings)
  • Composition precision: < 0.2 % SD at 10 µl/min, 50 µl/min (with extended flow range kit) and 1 ml/min (default settings)
  • Pressure range: Up to 400 bar system pressure
  • Delay volume: Typically 3 µl from EFC to capillary pump outlet for flow rates up to 20 µl/min; 12 µl from EFC to pump outlet for flow rates up to 100 µl/min; 180–480 µl (system pressure dependent) without mixer for flow rates up to 2.5 ml/min; mixer delay volume 420 µl
  • pH range: 1.0 to 8.5 recommended



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