Agilent 5977 MSD with 7890 GC, 7697 Headspace Sampler & 7693 AS - 1

Agilent 7890 GC with 5977 MSD, 7697 Headspace Sampler & 7693 AS


  • Agilent 7980 GC
    • Single Split/Splitless Inlet with EPC
  • Agilent 5977 MSD
  • Agilent 7693 Autosampler
    • 150 Sample Tray
  • Agilent 7697 Headspace Sampler
    • 111 Sample
  • Mechanical Pump
  • Data System
  • Warranty Coverage


  • GC/MS Starter Kit
  • Workbench
  • Wiley Registry 12th Edition / NIST 2020 Mass Spectral Library
  • Installation & Familiarization
  • Extended Warranty

Agilent 5977 Mass Spectrometer Features:

Extractor Ion Source – The ‘push-pull’ principle of the Extractor Ion Source delivers more ions to the mass analyzer and increases the confidence of your trace analysis methods. Triple-Axis Detector (TAD) – Optimizes signal-to-noise by combining efficient ion collection and amplification with the elimination of neutral noise.

  • Ion source temperature: 150–350 ℃
  • Quadrupole temperature: 106–200 ℃
  • Mass filter: Monolithic hyperbolic quadrupole
  • Mass range: 1.6–1,050µ
  • Mass axis stability: Better than 0.10 u/48 h
  • Detector: Triple-Axis Detector

Agilent 7890 Gas Chromatograph Features:

The combination of precise pneumatic and temperature control leads to extremely precise retention time reproducibility, which is the basis for all chromatographic measurements.

  • Oven temperature: Ambient +4 – 450 ℃ Ambient +5 – 350 ℃
  • Oven ramps/plateaus: Supports 20 oven ramps with 21 plateaus. Negative ramps are allowed.
  • Retention-time locking: RTL-ready

Agilent 7697 Headspace Sampler Features:

The alternate carrier gas options provide safely work with hydrogen as a carrier gas to save laboratory costs. Priority sample positions add late-arriving important samples to the sequence without stopping and restarting. Barometric pressure compensation provides increased precision regardless of laboratory pressure changes; consistent results from day to day and across multiple labs.

  • Exchangeable trays during a sequence for increased sample capacity
  • Hydrogen carrier and auto Sleep/Wake modes conserve valuable laboratory resources
  • Samples depressurize before returning to the tray

This Agilent 5977 MSD with 7890 GC, 7697 Headspace Sampler & 7693 AS comes expertly refurbished from GenTech Scientific.




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