Anton Paar Multiwave 5000 Microwave Digester


  • Anton Paar Multiwave 5000 Microwave Digester
    • 12HVT50 Rotor (12 vessels)
    • Vessel Volume: 50 mL (3-25mL)
    • Max Sample Weight: 1.5 g
    • HF Resistance: Yes
  • One Year Manufacturer Warranty


  • Spare Vessels
  • Additional Rotor Options Available
  • Installation and Service Offered by Anton Paar
  • GenTech Certified Refurbished ICP Systems: Browse
  • Extended Warranty

Perfect Sample Preparation Is Where Superior Trace Elemental Analysis Begins

Microwave digestion is a well-established preparation technique for converting solid samples into solutions suitable for analysis by ICP-AES, ICP-MS, atomic absorption spectrophotometry or polarography. You can use the best analytical equipment in the world, but without flawless sample preparation, your measurement values won’t be reliable. That’s where the Anton Paar Multiwave 5000 Microwave Digester comes in. We’ve incorporated over 40 years of sample preparation expertise into the most ambitious, the most user-friendly microwave system ever built.
– It’s fast – saving time, boosting throughput, and reducing costs, with up to 64 samples in a single run.
– It’s flexible – easy configuration, straightforward operation.
– It’s resilient – challenging samples, no problem; temperatures up to 300 °C for extended periods; operation limits up to 100 bar.
– It’s intelligent, ingenious even – >500 pre-installed programs, guiding features, and a ‘clever’ door.
– It’s intuitive – 10.1″ high-resolution, durable touchscreen display; smartphone-like software; no explanation needed for daily operation.

Main Applications:

  • Environmental
  • EPA-procedures
  • Agricultural
  • Routine food testing

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