Powerex 13 Gallon Air Compressor



  • Powerex 13 Gallon Air Compressor
    • 13 Gallon Tank
    • Electrical Plug: 230V
  • Warranty Coverage


  • Mountable N2 Generator
  • Complete N2 & Air Compressor
  • LC Workstation
  • MS Workstation
  • GC/MS Workstation


  • Robust oil-less scroll technology – few moving parts, extremely durable
  • ISO 8573-1 Class Zero Oil-Free Air
  • Sound enclosure cabinet reduces sound to 49 dBA – can install near point of use
  • Internal 13 gallon tank
  • Low maintenance – no oil changes needed
  • Less filtration required
  • No oil contamination of end product, powered equipment, or environment

This Powerex 13 Gallon Air Compressor comes NEW from GenTech Scientific.





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