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If You Missed It…

On December 7, 2022, Will Flannery, GenTech Field Service Engineer, presented a webinar titled Environmental Analysis Using Refurbished Equipment.” Part of the Labx “Try Before You Buy” series, the webinar is now available on demand.

We’ve heard from Will on this topic before; in fact, our very first Tech Tip was a post by Will in which he discussed the instruments needed for PFAS analysis.

On-demand webinar presented by Will Flannery, GenTech Scientific, and Labx.

In this 26-minute webinar, Will again discusses PFAS analysis and the types of instruments needed for EPA Method 537.1, along with discussions of instruments capable of running methods like EPA 8280B and EPA 8315A, and the use of an Agilent 710-ES for analysis of environmental samples in compliance with US EPA guidelines (view the Application Note).

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