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One of the methods that many analytical labs use to save on costs and make extra money is by selling some of their inventory to other labs or buyers like GenTech Scientific. Consider selling these lab equipment items if your lab needs a quick cash influx.

Analytical Instruments

Analytical instruments are often the most in-demand items when selling lab equipment. Below are some examples to consider.

Gas Chromatography Machines

For those considering upgrading some of their lab’s most essential equipment, there’s always the opportunity to sell or trade-in instruments like gas chromatography (GC) systems. Whether it’s an autosampler, detector, or inlet—these gas chromatography components always have value as they’re used in many applications.

Today especially, emerging cannabis testing labs have increased the demand for gas chromatography instruments and any tools or supplies associated with them. If you have an old gas chromatography machine, there’s no better time than now to trade it in or sell it.

Liquid Chromatography Machines

Similar to gas chromatography, high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) instruments and systems are versatile and valuable in many lab environments. Many labs covet HPLC modules and systems, especially equipment from industry-leading OEMs such as Agilent and Shimadzu.

For labs using the same HPLC equipment for many years, it’s wise to consider selling lab equipment online and using those funds to upgrade their HPLC instruments. The sellers can upgrade their equipment while buyers receive a quality instrument at an affordable price—everyone wins.

Mass Spectrometry Machines

Another lab equipment item you should consider selling is mass spectrometry machines. Mass spectrometry equipment is beneficial since it can get used for gas chromatography and HPLC applications.

Whether you’ve applied the mass spectrometry instruments in your lab to gas chromatography or HPLC, there’s a strong market interest in used mass spectrometry equipment.

Lab Tools & Accessories

Not all the equipment labs can sell are analytical instruments. There are also many tools and accessories that can fetch a reasonable price, including workbenches and consumables.


Does your lab have an extra workbench, or could it operate just as well with one less bench? Consider selling one of the workbenches and using those funds toward other areas of the lab budget.


Many labs don’t realize they can also sell their consumables and other small items in their inventory. Consumables like plastic bottles, glassware, chemistry sets, and pipettes can be resold.

Consider taking an inventory of all the consumables in your lab and looking for areas of surplus that you can sell for cash to better spend in other budget areas.

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If you have any questions about selling your lab instruments and equipment online, don’t hesitate to contact our helpful staff at GenTech Scientific.