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How the Binary Solvent Manager works

(Excerpt from ACQUITY UPLC System Operator’s Guide, Revision F, Waters Corporation, 2014, p. 1-6, System Overview):

“Each of the binary solvent manager’s two independent pump systems, A (on the left-hand side) and B (on the right-hand side), contains two linear-drive actuators (left-hand and right-hand). Each left-hand and right-hand actuator pair comprises a single reciprocating “serial” pump that delivers precise flow of a single solvent.  The two pump systems combine their two solvents at a filter/tee mixer. From there, the solvent mixture flows to the sample manager.

The chromatography software controls the two solvents’ mixing ratio by varying the flow of pump A relative to that of pump B.  A pressure transducer in each pump head relays pressure data to the binary solvent manager, whose firmware measures pump head pressures during the pumping cycle. Thus the binary solvent manager independently pre-compresses the solvents in both the A and B portions to ensure consistent solvent delivery and minimize pump-induced detector baseline disturbances.”

In this step-by-step demo, a GenTech service engineer demonstrates how to properly disconnect an Acquity binary pump from a solvent manager in order to send it to GenTech Scientific for repair.

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