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With extended use, any kind of lab equipment has the potential to malfunction or break down. An improperly functioning piece of machinery can spell trouble for an analytical lab attempting to meet deadlines and keep the process running smoothly. The following points elaborate on the importance of timely analytical instrument repairs within an active lab setting.

Providing Accurate Measurements

Clients rely on analytical labs to provide accurate measurements. For example, any lab depending on gas chromatography equipment must produce highly accurate results regarding the components of each inspected substance without fail. Inaccurate measurements can cause severe losses for businesses attempting to deliver products within specified regulations and lead to a divorce between the company and the lab’s services.

Avoiding Frustration and Errors in the Lab

Labs require each technician to remain focused and able to work throughout the day. Malfunctioning machinery easily interrupts analysis, leading to frustration among technicians attempting to solve issues they may not realize are coming from the equipment. Trying to repair equipment on the fly also places technicians in a stressful situation that can further lead to errors in the lab. To prevent workflow interruption, it’s crucial that labs keep their tools in a good functioning condition.

Preventing Financial Impacts

Analytical equipment failure that is repaired incorrectly or left to gradually worsen with time often forces a lab to purchase new equipment when the initial machine finally fails. This expenditure can easily be avoided by scheduling timely analytical instrument repairs, or by contacting a team for service as soon as a problem presents itself.

At GenTech Scientific, our selection of used scientific equipment comes with extended warranty options and lifetime support. Our team expertly installs the equipment before providing training on maintenance standards to further empower your lab and extend your purchase’s longevity. After your equipment installation, rely on us for equipment repair services that you can count on to get your lab running smoothly yet again.