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New toxicology labs require a lot of equipment. We’ll break down some of the must-have equipment every start-up toxicology lab needs and explain the benefits of purchasing this equipment second-hand.

The Equipment Every Toxicology Lab Needs

A toxicology lab requires a lot of equipment and supplies to quantify drugs, test for environmental toxins, conduct postmortem forensic tests, and more. As with every testing laboratory, a toxicology lab requires basic supplies such as syringes, needles, catheters, drug screeners, and a host of other supplies.

Along with the simple tools, new labs require specific toxicology lab equipment for testing, such as:

Securing all the must-have equipment and supplies for a start-up toxicology lab can be difficult and expensive. That is why many new labs purchase second-hand equipment instead of brand-new OEM machines.

Benefits of Second-Hand Toxicology Equipment


Refurbished lab equipment has many benefits, but the prime motivation for many is that it’s much more affordable than brand-new equipment. Brand-new toxicology machines take up a large portion of a new lab’s budget—but it doesn’t have to.

Refurbished lab equipment is much more affordable, allowing new labs to allocate budget resources to other areas of the lab and purchase equipment they couldn’t otherwise afford.


Another headache for new labs is ordering new equipment and waiting weeks or months for it to arrive. Lab equipment manufacturers take so long to deliver new equipment because they keep their inventories at a minimum to avoid overhead costs.

On the other hand, refurbished equipment is typically ready immediately, and new labs can save weeks or months of their time by ordering second-hand equipment instead.

High-Quality Equipment

The most significant concern for new labs with second-hand equipment is that it sacrifices quality—and toxicology labs can’t afford to compromise quality to save money. At GenTech Scientific, we ensure that all our second-hand equipment is thoroughly refurbished and works as if it was new.

Our team of equipment experts methodically inspect, clean, and repair second-hand equipment so buyers can be sure they’re still getting a quality product at a discounted price.

See GenTech Scientific Equipment in Person

If you want to learn more about GenTech Scientific and our inventory of refurbished lab equipment, you can check out our booths at upcoming trade shows in New York and Ohio. We’ll be at the Northeastern Association of Forensic Scientists in Niagara Falls, New York, from October 18-20th at booth #19.

We’ll also be in Cleveland, Ohio, at the Society of Forensic Toxicologists from November 1-4th at booth #314. Stop by, say hello, and learn more about GenTech scientific and the benefits of refurbished lab equipment.