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There are many things to consider when buying lab equipment. Choosing how to buy the equipment is one such thing you must think about. Price is another factor that you must consider. Choosing to buy used or refurbished equipment could cut the cost, but that does not mean you have to compromise on quality. Don’t let the common myths about refurbished lab equipment discourage you from considering this option. Keep reading to debunk the myths associated with buying refurbished lab equipment.

Refurbished Is the Same as Used

Many people think that used equipment and refurbished equipment are the same things. Although refurbished equipment is technically used equipment, not all used equipment can be considered refurbished. This is because a used piece of equipment must meet the manufacturer’s standards to be deemed refurbished. Used equipment cannot always be repaired, whereas refurbished equipment is repaired and tested.

Refurbished equipment is fixed and tested to meet the manufacture’s standards, whereas used equipment does not have to meet any standard. Buying refurbished equipment is a safer option because there are fewer risks associated with the equipment’s function. Buying used equipment comes with some risks because the functionality of the equipment is a mystery. Without testing the product, your decision to trust the product is based solely on the word of another person. Refurbished equipment does not have that risk because the product is held to the manufacturer’s standard.

Refurbished Is Garbage

There are many common myths about refurbished lab equipment that have to do with quality. Often, refurbished lab equipment is associated with being low-quality, but that is far from the truth. Many people have the misconception that refurbished lab equipment is someone else’s garbage. As previously stated, refurbished lab equipment must meet the manufacturer’s standards before being sold, so this myth is simply false. Additionally, there are many reasons for a lab to get rid of their equipment.

An item doesn’t have to be garbage to require removal or disposal. For example, a lab could be getting rid of equipment due to a relocation. The company could also choose to outsource a particular service, which would mean they no longer have a need for the machine. If the equipment is coming to the end of its warranty, a lab might consider getting rid of their existing equipment. Sometimes, a lab may buy equipment in the hopes of expanding a project. If the lab chooses to change their objective or project, the equipment might not be necessary anymore. These are just a few of the many reasons why a lab might get rid of equipment.

Refurbished Isn’t as Good as New

Another myth about refurbished equipment is that its condition is not as good as new equipment. This myth often comes from the confusion between new and used equipment. Since refurbished equipment meets the manufacture’s standard, the equipment still functions like new. There are many reasons for a lab to get rid of their equipment. There are many cases in which a lab simply gets rid of equipment because they no longer need a specific piece of equipment. Labs can also get rid of equipment to replace it with a new model. Refurbished equipment can be relatively new or gently used in many situations.

Refurbished Is for Low-Budget Labs

Although refurbished lab equipment can save a lab money, that does not mean that refurbished equipment is solely for low-budget labs. A new lab or startup might be looking for ways to save money, but plenty of labs are taking advantage of lower-cost equipment. For many labs, buying refurbished equipment is smart because it allows them to cut costs without sacrificing quality. In many areas of business, cutting costs means sacrificing something else. Often, companies sacrifice quality at the expense of saving some money. Buying refurbished lab equipment allows labs to cut costs while still purchasing equipment that functions exactly as it should.

Many big labs that do not have to cut their costs choose to buy refurbished due to the high-quality product. If a lab buys refurbished equipment instead of new, they can spend money in other areas. Buying refurbished equipment is also appealing to many labs that want to keep a specific model in their lab. Since many equipment companies come out with updates that may require additional training, a lab may choose to re-purchase an older model that has been refurbished instead of a new model that required additional training.

Refurbished Means Super Cheap

Refurbished equipment is often associated with being super cheap, but this is untrue. Although refurbished lab equipment is less expensive than new lab equipment, it does not come with a huge discount. Refurbished lab equipment is still functional lab equipment. The quality of refurbished equipment is just as high as the quality of new equipment. Refurbished equipment is held to the manufacture’s standard, so it is not functioning any worse than new equipment. The main difference between new and refurbished equipment is that refurbished equipment does not have new or updated features. Since the quality of refurbished equipment is still so high, the price is not heavily discounted.

Service Is Not Available

Another myth about buying refurbished lab equipment is that service is not available. Many people assume that buying refurbished lab equipment means taking a chance on its quality or functionality. This is one of the reasons many people shy away from buying refurbished lab equipment. When buying refurbished lab equipment, it is important to consider the service required. A company that is confident in their products should offer service and repairs on their refurbished lab equipment. It is a myth that service is not available for refurbished lab equipment.

Buying equipment is an investment, whether you’re buying new or refurbished. It is essential to buy equipment from a trusted seller because anything can happen. A trusted seller offers service on the equipment, so there is no reason to stress when something needs repairs.

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Common Myths About Refurbished Lab Equipment in an Infographic