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Elevate your analytical capabilities with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, a gold standard technique for forensic and toxicological analysis. Comprised of the Agilent 7890A GC, 5977A MSD, and 7693 Autosampler, this dynamic trio delivers unmatched sensitivity, versatility, and automation, empowering scientists, lab managers, and technicians to tackle the most demanding analytical challenges.

Unleash the Power of Precision

  • Agilent 7890A GC: Experience industry-leading chromatographic resolution with the 7890A’s advanced oven architecture and flow technology. Achieve unparalleled peak separation for complex samples with superior oven temperature control and exceptional gas chromatography performance. Renowned for its exceptional sensitivity and accuracy, its unparalleled chromatographic resolution and fast scanning capabilities and dynamic range, make it ideal for a spectrum of applications from environmental analysis to pharmaceutical research.
  • Agilent 5977A MSD: Paired seamlessly with the GC, the 5977A boasts a revolutionary Extractor Ion Source that maximizes ion transmission, boosting sensitivity and detection limits by up to 10x compared to conventional designs. Identify trace-level analytes with confidence even in the most challenging matrices. With a high acquisition rate and low detection limits, it excels in identifying and quantifying compounds with utmost precision. The robust design and reliability of the MSD make it a cornerstone for laboratories engaged in demanding analyses, such as metabolomics and food safety studies.
  • Agilent 7693 Autosampler: Efficiency is at the forefront with the Agilent 7693 Autosampler which streamlines sample handling and injection. Automate your workflow with the 7693’s reliable and precise injections. Its modular design adapts to your needs, accommodating up to 150 vials and multiple injection options. Say goodbye to tedious manual injections, minimize downtime, and boost lab efficiency and productivity.

Unrivaled Performance, Unleashed Potential

  • Confident identification: Unveil the secrets of your samples with the 5977A’s powerful mass spectrometer. Identify unknowns rapidly and accurately with access to extensive spectral libraries and advanced software tools.
  • Quantification made easy: Quantify your analytes with unmatched precision and accuracy thanks to the 5977A’s exceptional linearity and dynamic range. Obtain reliable results for targeted and untargeted analyses.
  • Versatility redefined: This GCMS powerhouse system tackles a broad spectrum of applications, from environmental analysis and food safety to pharmaceutical and forensic investigations. No matter your field, the 5977A, 7890A, and 7693 will empower your research.

The Expertly Refurbished Advantage

Investing in expertly refurbished instruments like this GCMS system offers immense value. Enjoy significant cost savings compared to purchasing new equipment, while still reaping the benefits of efficiency and performance. Refurbished instruments undergo rigorous testing and calibration, ensuring reliable operation and long-term value.

Embrace the Analytical Excellence of GCMS

Types of Analyses

  • Environmental Analysis: Detect and quantify pollutants and contaminants in air, water, and soil samples.
  • Pharmaceutical Research: Identify and characterize drug compounds with precision, contributing to drug development and quality control.
  • Food Safety Testing: Ensure the quality and safety of food products by analyzing contaminants and additives.

The Agilent 5977A GC, 7890A MSD, and 7693 Autosampler combination is more than just a high-performance analytical tool; it’s an investment in your lab’s future. Empower your research, optimize your workflow, and uncover the hidden secrets of your samples with this industry leading GCMS powerhouse.

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