Anton Paar Multiwave 7000 Microwave Digester


  • Anton Paar Multiwave 7000 Microwave Digester
    • Digestion of different samples in one run using the same method
    • Pressure-sealed glass, quartz, or PTFE-TFM vials
    • Compact design with integrated cooling system
    • Max Temperature/Pressure: 300°C, 199 bar
    • Sample Amount: 0.1 to 4.0 g
    • Sample Throughput: Racks with up to 28 vials
    • Applicative Versatility: Mixed samples with mixed reagents in one run
  • Warranty Coverage


  • Spare Vessels
  • Additional Rotor Options Available
  • Installation and Service Offered by Anton Paar
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  • Extended Warranty

Multiwave 7000, The Ultimate Tool for Labs Seeking Ease of Use, High Temperatures and Pressure

The Multiwave 7000 is whole another kind of a microwave digestion system. The big difference between how rotor based systems operate and how the Pressurized Digestion Cavity(PDC) based instruments operates is that fact that the PDC instruments don’t have individually sealed Teflon pressure vessels.
The instrument has a 1L stainless steel cavity and the entire cavity is treated like one big vessel. You can work with any number of different matrices, sample volumes, acid mixes, all in the same run, as all the samples would be treated as one. The temperature you set the instrument to achieve is the temperature that every sample in the cavity will be brought up to, and in turn the resultant pressure from all this heating shall remain contained within the cavity.
PDC instruments are the highest performing commercially available microwave based digestion systems in the market. You can safely take your sample and acid mix up to a temperature of 300 ° C and the instrument can sustain working pressures up to 199 bar( beyond which safety cut-offs come into play)
The samples are weighed into either disposable glass vials, or re-useable Teflon, quartz vials and loaded into the stainless steel cavity. The amount of time the operator spends loading the instrument is very minimal. Owing to the disposable borosilicate vials being available, the need for cleaning the instrument components after each run also diminishes.
A lab that runs a lot of different sample matrices, acid mixes, has a mix of challenging and routine samples or wants to cut down on the operator engagement time with the digestor, there is nothing quite like the Multiwave 7000 in terms of ease of use and operational specifications.

  • Acid digestion
    • Throughput: 28 samples in one run
    • High Temperature: 300 ° C
    • High Pressure: Up to 199 bar
  • Ease of use: different acids, different matrices, no

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