Untitled-1_0002_2000H Front
Untitled-1_0008_2000H Angle Closed Tray
Untitled-1_0001_2000H Top Closed Tray
Untitled-1_0000_2000H Top Open Tray
Untitled-1_0006_2000H Detail - 0 Gripping Vial
Untitled-1_0003_2000H Detail - 3 Unloading Vial
Untitled-1_0004_2000H Detail - 2 Moving Vial
Untitled-1_0005_2000H Detail - 1 Gripping Vial

NEW HTA 2000H Headspace Sampler for GC Systems – 42 positions



  • NEW HTA Headspace Sampler (2000H)
    • 42 Position (20ml) headspace vial rack
    • 6 Oven Positions
    • 2.5ml heated headspace syringe
    • Headspace Starter Kit: 20ml vials, caps, septa (10pcs)
    • LAN & TTL control
    • External pressure regulator
    • Touch screen
    • AI functionalities
    • GC Mounting Kit & Cords
    • Preventative Maintenance Kit
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  • Warranty Coverage


  • Installation & Familiarization
  • Agilent GC ChemStation Driver (Rev.B)
  • 1 ml & 5ml heated headspace syringe
  • 10ml or 6ml Vial Adapters (6pk)
  • Extended Warranty

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  • Syringe volume: 2.5ml (standard); optional: 1 and 5ml
  • Syringe temperature: off; 40-150°C
  • Sample volume: steps of 0.01ml
  • Sample homogenization: up to 15
  • Sample speed: 0.5–100ml/min
  • Oven Positions: 6
  • Oven Temperature Range: Off; 40-170°C
  • Shaking Capability: YES (Orbital)
  • Fits most GCs and GC/MSs
  • Compatible with Agilent ChemStation
  • Comparable to Agilent & CTC samplers
  • Easy to use
  • The lowest total cost of ownership in the industry






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