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Most, if not all laboratories will have at least one mass spectrometer to help scientists measure ions’ mass-to-charge ratio during their research. Mass spectrometry is a widely accepted research method for forensic science, metabolomics, pharmaceuticals, clinical research, and more. Clearly, mass spectrometry is a useful analytical research method, so why are so many individuals and labs skeptical to purchase a mass spectrometer? We believe the reason is preconceived notions people develop which lead to misconceptions. To learn some of the misconceptions about mass spectrometry, our experts discuss and debunk them in our guide below.

“Mass spectrometers are difficult to use.”

Some laboratories are hesitant about purchasing a mass spectrometer because they fear the machine is too complicated. While the ionization, acceleration, deflection, and detection process itself is complex, the machine handles all of that for the operator. In fact, mass spectrometers are one of the most user-friendly analytical instruments. The operator is merely in charge of inputting their sample into the machine.

“We don’t have room for another machine.”

We understand that many labs have limited space, but mass spectrometers are relatively small machines, many of which are small enough to fit comfortably on a tabletop. Not to mention, most labs can’t afford to miss a research opportunity, and mass spectrometry might offer a new perspective on the hypotheses. That said, no lab should let their available space keep them from pursuing research, as there’s always a way to make room in a laboratory.

“They’re too expensive and the process takes too long.”

An efficient lab is a profitable lab, and far too many people have the misconception that mass spectrometry is a slow process. Mass spectrometers are highly efficient machines that can keep up with the demands of any research pursuit. Additionally, people make the mistake of assuming mass spectrometers are expensive. Brand new models can be more expensive than others, but one of the best ways to ensure top-quality machines without breaking the bank is purchasing used equipment.

Mass spectrometers are a must-have for all laboratories because they’re applicable in nearly every industry and research application. While there are several misconceptions about mass spectrometry, we hope we’ve successfully debunked any resounding questions. Now that you’re convinced it’s time to invest in a refurbished mass spectrometer, you should always purchase from a dependable supplier.

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