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  1. Why should I buy a refurbished instrument instead of a new instrument? On average, refurbished instruments cost half the price of new instruments. With the same proven technology found in both new instruments and previous models you can consistently run methods with results equal to new instruments. GenTech offers many incentives when buying refurbished equipment. Our systems function like new equipment and include warranties. In addition, our trade-in program allows you to upgrade your lab while being eco-friendly and cost-efficient.
  2. Do you have the equipment at your facility, or do you have to find the equipment? GenTech is not a broker. All of the instruments we have listed on our website are in stock at our facility in Arcade, NY. Don’t see what you need? Make a request. We may have the system or part you are looking for! Click here for a Virtual Tour.
  3. Who is your source for lab equipment? We get our equipment from various locations throughout the world, for example from Universities, Government labs and our trade-in program.
  4. Do you have any financing options? When you and to Rent, lease or purchase, GenTech offers multiple customized options to customers. To learn more about our competitive instrument financing, visit our Financing Options page.
  5. Does your equipment come with a warranty? Yes. All of our systems come with warranties, and many warranties can be extended. GenTech’s full coverage warranties are designed to provide unsurpassed coverage for your laboratory instruments. Read more about how we can extend your peace of mind with a GenTech Warranty.
  6. Can you deliver and install the equipment and, if so, who will perform these services? Yes. Our skilled engineers and chemists offer white glove delivery and/or installation to most facilities. Want to learn more about how GenTech safely ships instruments? Visit our Shipping Department to learn more.
  7. Do you offer training? Yes. We offer customized training for your team on any instrument we sell. Training is performed at your location or ours. We also offer familiarization training with all systems we install. Learn more about the training we offer.
  8. My equipment does not work. Do you repair or buy equipment? Yes. We offer service contracts, depot repair and on-site service. Or take advantage of our trade-in program and upgrade your equipment. Call GenTech at 585.492.1068 to discuss all the available options for you. Visit our Service Department to learn more.
  9. What is your return policy? Although all of our equipment comes with a warranty, if you decide to return an instrument you may request an authorization to do so. We have a 30 day return policy, subject to some conditions. Read our full return policy in our Sales Terms & Conditions.
  10. How do you refurbish instruments? Our experienced chemists and service engineers perform complete inspections, performance evaluations, part replacements, and calibrations, returning instruments to the original manufacturer standards. Read more about our comprehensive refurbishment process.
Common Myths about Refurbished Lab Equipment

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