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More and more labs are utilizing refurbished lab instruments’ affordable and practical advantages. If you’re considering stocking your analytical lab with refurbished lab equipment, there are a few things you should consider before buying.

What Is Refurbished Lab Equipment?

Before we get into the particulars of refurbished equipment and what to look for, what does refurbished mean, and why are they popular among analytical labs? In basic terms, refurbished stands for used, but refurbished instruments get repaired and serviced to improve their condition and quality, so they’re practically good as new.

Refurbished instruments are beneficial and practical for labs with smaller budgets or that need fast replacements for broken equipment. At GenTech Scientific, we buy used instruments from labs, our expert team refurbishes them to high-quality condition, and we sell them back to other labs at an affordable price.

Where Can Labs Buy Refurbished Lab Equipment?

Refurbished lab equipment offers many practical advantages for analytical labs—so where can they find refurbished instruments? If labs want more affordable instruments that don’t sacrifice quality, they’ll have to look outside the standard OEM suppliers.

Labs can find affordable refurbished instruments from third-party vendors like GenTech Scientific. GenTech is different from standard OEM suppliers because we service and repair equipment instead of producing brand-new instruments.

Before Purchasing Refurbished Lab Equipment, Consider the Following:

For those interested in buying refurbished equipment, there are a few things to consider first.

The Budget

An analytical lab may have scientific or research purposes, but it runs like any other business. Labs have a budget they must carefully balance—some of the most significant expenses in a lab’s budget are the analytical instruments.

Labs should consider where to focus their budget resources for refurbished equipment—many mix brand-new instruments with refurbished units for an ideal assortment of quality but affordable equipment.

The Essential Equipment

Next, labs must also consider what instruments are essential to the lab’s function and which are superfluous. While refurbished instruments are still high-quality, new equipment typically lasts longer and is generally more accurate.

If the instrument is essential to the lab’s productivity and will get used frequently for an extended period, it’s likely better to spend resources on new equipment. But for labs that need other non-essential instruments, a refurbished unit is the ideal combination of quality and affordability. Many labs also utilize refurbished equipment while they wait for new equipment to get delivered.

Buying vs. Leasing

When it comes time to purchase refurbished lab instruments, labs should consider the advantages of buying or leasing the equipment. Each financial option has its benefits, but leasing is another way labs that are short on cash can save money.

Buying refurbished equipment gives the lab permanent ownership and the ability to sell it later and earn back some of its investment. On the other hand, leasing is ideal for labs that only temporarily need certain instruments or operate on razor-thin margins within their budget.

What To Look For in a Refurbished Equipment Supplier

For labs that go the refurbished route, what should they look for in a used lab instrument supplier?

Industry-Leading Brands

Analytical labs require the highest-quality instruments for accurate results—and the best equipment comes from industry-leading brands. No lab wishes to save money on equipment if it means sacrificing quality or precise results.

At GenTech, we offer refurbished instruments from the industry’s most renowned brands, such as:

  • Agilent
  • Shimadzu
  • Waters
  • ThermoFisher
  • And more

There’s no decline in selection quality when labs shop within GenTech Scientific’s inventory compared to other OEM suppliers. GenTech’s selection is constantly updated with the latest machines and instruments from these industry-leading OEMs.

Training Services

For new analytical labs, buying from a supplier that offers training and demonstrations is crucial to getting the equipment up and running quickly. While the instruction manual for the instruments may seem straightforward, it’s common for some things to get lost in translation and confuse analytical labs on how to set up or operate a machine.

Getting a supplier that offers first-hand training along with useful demonstrations and educational services can be the difference between a lab getting started immediately versus getting delayed days or weeks. GenTech Scientific provides step-by-step training and familiarization to customers and has a team of experts available to field questions and offer guidance even after the transaction.

Delivery Time

It’s as true for analytical labs as it is for every business that time is money. Labs run on tight schedules with many deadlines, and losing even a couple of hours can be detrimental to their customers and business—let alone day or weeklong delays.

Many labs can’t afford to wait long for their new equipment to get manufactured and delivered—which many OEMs and equipment suppliers do. GenTech Scientific always has a stocked inventory of many machines and instruments ready to ship quickly.

Maintenance & Repairs

Every lab manager understands that equipment and instruments can malfunction for seemingly no reason—typically at the worst times for labs. Faulty instruments and machines can cause significant delays and logjams in work, so reliable and fast services and repairs are vital.

GenTech Scientific isn’t just a supplier of quality refurbished instruments but offers maintenance and repair services. The expert staff at GenTech Scientific quickly responds to all service orders within 48 hours and repairs and services equipment fast, so labs aren’t stuck with costly delays.

Sell & Trade-In Options

To make refurbished lab instruments even more affordable, many labs will sell or trade in the equipment they’re replacing. Not every refurbished equipment supplier offers such financial incentives, but GenTech Scientific is always eager to purchase used equipment from labs, no matter the condition.

GenTech Scientific offers credits for labs that sell or trade in their old instruments to purchase newly refurbished equipment within their inventory. Those interested can contact our staff to get a free quote on what their equipment would be worth.

Financing Flexibility

Even when refurbished, lab equipment can still be quite expensive. For new labs with many expenses and a tight budget, financing flexibility can be the difference between getting the quality equipment they need or settling for subpar instruments.

GenTech Scientific has many flexible financing options, from buying to leasing to renting. We also partner with Evergreen Financing & Leasing to help customers find the financing plan that best fits their budget and schedule so they can get the equipment they need at an affordable price.

We hope you’ve learned the essential qualities of refurbished equipment and what labs should consider before purchasing. If you’d like to learn more about refurbished lab instruments, contact our helpful staff at GenTech Scientific.

Things To Consider When Buying Refurbished Lab Equipment