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When stocking a new research lab or replacing old equipment, labs can choose either brand-new OEM equipment or refurbished equipment from a seller. Both options have their benefits, but this breakdown will explain the advantages of refurbished analytical lab equipment and why many labs choose it over new gear.

High-Quality Equipment

It’s typical to see people interchangeably use “used lab equipment” and “refurbished lab equipment.” While refurbished lab equipment is pre-owned, it’s not the same as used equipment that a lab wants to discard.

Refurbished lab equipment is pre-owned equipment that a seller services and repairs back to a quality condition. Equipment sellers don’t waste time repairing shoddy equipment, so refurbished lab equipment was typically well-maintained and in top shape before refurbishment.

Equipment doesn’t have to be brand-new to be of high quality.

Discounted Price

The price discount is the primary advantage of purchasing refurbished lab equipment over brand-new tools. Running an analytical lab is expensive, so it’s always beneficial when a lab can save a few dollars on operating and start-up costs.

Refurbished lab equipment is an excellent way to save money without sacrificing quality. At a fraction of the price of new equipment, refurbished help labs just starting or trying to make ends meet invest their money in other areas.

Quicker Delivery

It’s not uncommon for an OEM manufacturer to take weeks or months to deliver a single piece of new equipment. OEMs prefer to keep their inventories low, which leaves some labs waiting extended periods for their equipment.

On the other hand, sellers can deliver refurbished lab equipment in days as sellers typically keep an expansive inventory well-stocked for fast delivery.

Reliable Service Options

There is a misconception that refurbished equipment typically requires more service and finding quality repair technicians is difficult. But GenTech Scientific has a comprehensive inventory of high-quality refurbished lab equipment and extensive repair services.

GenTech Scientific offers an assortment of equipment repairs, even for discontinued items, whether it’s an OEM Agilent repair service or another manufacturer. The odds are GenTech Scientific can fix it as good as new.

There are plenty more advantages to refurbished analytical lab equipment, but these are the key distinctions between refurbished and new OEM equipment. When looking for new lab equipment, remember that refurbished tools are of similar quality at a much lower price and can be delivered faster than new gear.