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Mass Spectrometer Systems, New, Used and Refurbished for Sale

At GenTech Scientific we sell new and used Mass Spectrometers that have been fully refurbished and tested from most major manufacturers such as Agilent, HP, Waters, Micromass, Applied Biosystems, AB Sciex, PerkinElmer, Thermo Finnigan, Shimadzu, TSP, Waters, Hitachi, Varian and many others.

GenTech Scientific has the mass spec that you need for your testing method, with a variety of configurations such as ESI, APCI, ion spray, turbo or diffusion pumps, autosamplers, and many more.  We warranty all of our quality Mass Spectrometers, and we offer budget-friendly pricing on instrumentation options.  Our GenTech Certified Mass Spectrometers offer peace of mind and a one (1) year warranty is available.

All of our refurbished instruments are completely refurbished according to our instrument check lists and then they are thoroughly tested to ensure that they meet all of our specifications.  A test results report is included with every instrument that we sell in order to verify that these tests were run and that the instrument meets all relevant specifications.  GenTech sells Mass Spectrometry instruments that are used by environmental agencies, universities, community colleges, pharmaceutical companies, forensic labs, chemical labs, biological labs, and many more.

Mass Spectrometer Service, Repair, Training, and Parts

The GenTech Team of expert technicians and application chemists offer mass spectrometer technical support, from installation of your mass spectrometer to service contracts to training courses! GenTech Scientific also has the largest inventory of obsolete and hard to find mass spectrometer parts.

Do you want to sell or trade-in your used Mass Spectrometer?

At GenTech Scientific we encourage analytical equipment recycling by purchasing your used Mass Spectrometers and then refurbishing them to offer to other clients.  We also take trade-ins on your old or no longer in use analytical instruments.  The trade-in value of your used Mass Spectrometer can be applied directly to your purchase or you can accumulate credit for future purchases.  The better the condition of the equipment the more credit or the higher the cash price that we can offer you.  We will recycle your used instruments through our refurbishment process so that someone else can then get the instrument that they need.

If you cannot find what you need here on our web site, please do not hesitate to give us a call or to email us.  We sometimes have equivalent equipment that can do the same job, equipment that has not yet arrived, or equipment that has not been listed on our web site. Call us at 585-492-1068 or contact us.

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