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When it comes right down to it, your lab has a limited number of resources at its disposal. It’s up to you, the savvy lab manager, the experienced purchaser, to make sure that those dollars are going where they’re going to do the most good.

Reliable, dependable, quality equipment is a must for any lab. That doesn’t mean you should have to spend a fortune on it. Look below to find five reasons to shop for refurbished equipment instead of taking the plunge and buying it new.

Save 30-80% off retail.

I don’t like to be the one that harps on the cost savings, because it’s easy for someone to look at a relatively inexpensive GC and think they’re getting the bottom of the barrel. It’s not true though. Refurbished lab instruments offer a tremendous cost savings over the manufacturer’s price while still guaranteeing that your department has the equipment it needs to keep running.

Refurbished equipment still conforms to new specs.

Unlike that used car down at the car lot that they’re selling “as is” (and might lose its transmission on the way home), GenTech’s refurbished scientific instruments have been meticulously restored by experienced service engineers to provide the same speed and sensitivity you’d get from a new piece of equipment.

Refurbished equipment comes with a warranty.

We stand behind our work. We offer peace of mind with every GenTech Certified refurbished instrument, with options for extended warranties up to 5 years, guaranteeing that you’re never going to find yourself holding a lemon without the money to replace it.

“Refurbished and tested” means hands-on attention from experienced service engineers that care.

Every refurbished instrument has been carefully examined from the inside out, the parts that need repair or replacement are repaired or replaced, and the machines are extensively tested by experienced technicians to ensure that they’re completely compliant before we send them out the door.

You have other things to do with your money than buy new equipment.

There are materials to buy, a staff to pay, and brave new frontiers to explore. Don’t let that be limited by the cost of new equipment.

Come examine our collection of method-compliant refurbished instrumentation for analytical labs. If you are having difficulty finding the instrument or part you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to call us at 585-492-1068 or email us by clicking here.