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At GenTech, we service many labs that perform chemical and biological analytical testing for various clients and industries. If you’re interested in offering such services, learn the basics with our overview of chemical and biological analytical testing.

What Is Chemical Analytical Testing?

Chemical analytical testing is how the quality of materials and substances used in certain products and industrial processes are identified, characterized, and understood. Chemical analytical testing is an umbrella term that includes various types of analysis, such as:

  • Chemical trace analysis
  • Chemical composition analysis
  • Elemental analysis
  • Contamination detection and analysis
  • Material testing and analysis

There are more types of chemical analysis performed by labs than can be covered in our brief overview of chemical and biological analytical testing because of the wide selection of applications and industries that utilize it.

Applications for Chemical Analytical Testing

There is a multitude of applications for chemical analytical testing. A large portion of the resources within the field of research focuses on companies ensuring compliance with regulatory agencies. A company must prove that its products and processes are chemically safe and reliable when creating a product for mass use.

As many know, potentially hazardous chemicals are used in the production of plastics, polymers, metals, and other artificial materials. Chemical trace analysis ensures the industrial process leaves no potentially dangerous trace metals or chemicals on the product.

What Is Biological Analytical Testing?

Biological analytical testing, or bioanalysis, is like chemical analytical testing, but focuses on the makeup of drugs within organic substances such as blood, urine, or hair. Bioanalysis assesses the toxicity of chemicals within organic compounds like humans, animals, and plant life.

Applications for Bioanalysis

A primary application for bioanalysis is the study of toxicology. Toxicology is highly beneficial in many medical and law enforcement industries to identify and quantify foreign compounds within a person’s blood and body.

Bioanalysis isn’t just for human use, either. When researchers want to determine potential pollutants to aquatic ecosystems, they’ll use bioanalysis techniques and testing. Other applications for bioanalysis include:

  • Pharmacology
  • Pharmacokinetic
  • Bioavailability
  • Bioequivalence

A lab needs high-quality equipment to perform chemical and analytical testing properly. At GenTech Scientific, we offer refurbished lab equipment in the best condition so labs can perform top-notch testing without going over budget.