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Thermo TSQ Endura LC/MS For PFAS Analysis Screening



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GenTech has expertly refurbished this Thermo TSQ Endura LC/MS, specifically designed for PFAS analysis screening. This advanced system, meticulously refurbished to ensure optimal performance, offers exceptional sensitivity and accuracy for the detection of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).

The Thermo TSQ Endura LC/MS delivers reliable and precise results, enabling efficient screening of PFAS compounds in various environmental and biological matrices. With its high sensitivity and dynamic range, it allows for the detection of trace levels of PFAS, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Equipped with a robust ionization source and triple quadrupole mass analyzer, this LC/MS system offers excellent selectivity and high-throughput analysis. Its intuitive software interface facilitates easy method development, data acquisition, and analysis, streamlining your PFAS screening workflows.

By choosing a refurbished Thermo TSQ Endura LC/MS from trusted experts like us, you can access advanced PFAS analysis capabilities at a more affordable investment.

Upgrade your lab’s PFAS screening capabilities with the refurbished Thermo TSQ Endura LC/MS. Drive accurate and efficient PFAS analysis, enhance regulatory compliance, and protect the environment and public health. Explore our refurbished options today and unleash the potential of this powerful system.

The Thermo TSQ Endura LC/MS system provides similar sensitivity specification for reserpine to the instruments used in the EPA methods 537 and 537.1


  • Targeted screening
  • Untargeted and targeted quantitation
  • Superb sensitivity, even in complex matrices
  • Outstanding robustness; prolonging instrument uptime
  • Reliability and reproducibility improve data quality for every run and every sample
  • Simplicity and ease-of-use allow users of all expertise levels to acquire high quality data with improved confidence in results

This Thermo TSQ Endura Triple Quad LC/MS/MS system comes expertly refurbished from GenTech Scientific.

Read GenTech Scientific’s Blog Post, Will Flannery, Field Service Engineer at GenTech Scientific, addresses questions he’s received about PFAS Analysis, and the types of equipment needed.

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Our expert service engineers and chemists can install and custom-configure the system to be compliant with the methods you plan to run.