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In May, GenTech Scientific’s CCO, Yvette Pagano, attended MJ Unpacked NYC. While there, she was interviewed by Benzinga and that video is now available for viewing. 

Yvette recalls that she first learned about MJ Unpacked from GenTech Scientific’s preferred partner, Panther Group.  Yvette attended the inaugural MJ Unpacked event in Las Vegas last November, at which she made some meaningful connections. So naturally, when MJ Unpacked announced they would be coming to her home state of New York, she knew she couldn’t miss it.

We sat down with Yvette and asked about that experience.

GenTech: This isn’t a good show for GenTech Scientific to exhibit at because the focus for MJ Unpacked is on brands, retailers, and license holders (as opposed to testing and laboratory instruments).  What made you decide to attend? 

Yvette:  Aside from my “day job” as Chief Commercial Officer for GenTech Scientific and Conquer Scientific, I’m also an accredited investor in the space personally, and authorized by Lakelet Capital to vet new investment opportunities and strategic alliances.  MJ Unpacked NYC was so exciting because NYS is projected to be the largest market for adult use cannabis in the world; the governor’s budget estimates 1.25 billion in revenue over the next 6 years. 

GenTech: Were there specific things you hoped to learn at the event?

Yvette: I was hoping for answers to questions such as, “Will NYS consumers want the California brands or their own thing?” or, “Which brands are scaling?” And of course, I was interested in gleaning inside information from distributors and retailers on the current state of testing, regulation, and laboratories in the industry.

GenTech: How did the interview with Benzinga come about?

Yvette:  Benzinga Cannabis is my favorite Cannabis Conference and Investing Platform!  They cover not only cannabis, but also hemp, CBD, and psychedelics. I love how they focus on the international markets and not just the USA. I follow their content closely! So, when Elliot Lane, VP, Event Partnerships at Benzinga, announced that they would be doing live interviews for the Benzinga podcast during MJ Unpacked, I jumped at the chance to speak with him and to share information about GenTech’s cannabis testing instruments with the Benzinga audience.  

CCO Yvette Pagano with Elliott Lane, Benzinga Cannabis Insider podcast.

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