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At its core, cannabis is a plant that draws nutrients from the surrounding ground and air. But these two life sources often contain harmful contaminants that contaminate the plant. Heavy metals lie in the earth surrounding old industrial sites and mining operations where many cannabis growers sow and harvest their crops. While the human body requires a small amount of some metals, you should avoid harmful levels. Here is more on the importance of testing cannabis for heavy metals.

Avoiding Human Harm

The body is incredibly resilient and can fight off infections and handle extreme temperatures. However, heavy metals in the bloodstream can contribute to non-dilutable toxicity. Suppose the soil around a cannabis farm contains a large amount of lead. The crops seem healthy and strong on the outside, but you can’t see the dangerous metalloids inside. Heavy metal testing takes away that element of mystery and gives a definite answer on the question of safety.

Tracing Product Sources

Almost every farm harvests its cannabis crop and sends it to an off-site laboratory for testing. When a technician burns the cannabis and sends the vapor through a mass spectrometer / gas analyzer, they can find the heavy metal levels. If the information indicates a prevalence of heavy metals in the product, the technician can make a note about this sample and the batch it came from. This way, the farmer will know which areas of their land are contaminated.

Equipping Farmers for Land Remediation

In the event of high levels of dangerous pesticides and heavy metals, the lab must report the batch and communicate the results to the farmer. While agriculturalists can’t help that their land plots contain contaminated soil, they can use land remediation tactics. One exciting way to do this is with plants that absorb all the metal in their surroundings. These organisms draw in all the harmful substances, leaving the soil much cleaner than before.

Understanding the importance of testing cannabis for heavy metals equips both producers and consumers alike with the knowledge to make safe choices. If you need cannabis testing equipment for your operation, reach out to GenTech Scientific today.