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Similar to any other business or organization, laboratories must operate on a strict budget. Without a budget, the cost of lab equipment and operations could quickly get the lab in financial trouble. The good news is that laboratories don’t have to virtually bankrupt themselves. There are dozens of ways that labs can save money or stretch their budget further, even when purchasing analytical instruments. One of these ways is by purchasing used lab equipment. We understand that the word “used” might be concerning, but understand that “used” doesn’t always mean low-quality. Labs must know what to consider before purchasing used lab equipment, so our experts put together a comprehensive list for every lab to follow. Read on to learn more.

The Equipment’s Overall Condition

It should come as no surprise that the equipment’s general condition is vital. No lab should consider purchasing lab equipment with noticeable wear and tear. If it’s obvious that the machine needs service from the outside, it’s probable that the machine needs even more work on the inside. Lab equipment and analytical instruments are a necessary expense for all labs, some more than others. That said, labs can’t afford to invest in equipment that will only require more repair expenses.

The first question to ask before purchasing used equipment is if it’s refurbished. This indicates that a professional technician repaired the machine and replaced parts as necessary. Another way to determine the instrument’s quality is its age. Many manufacturers consider an instrument’s expected lifespan to expire after ten years. If a manufacturer deems a particular machine outdated or expired—specifically when they release a new model to replace the previous one—it’s possible that parts will no longer be available.

Price Isn’t the Best Indicator of Quality

Many consumers believe a false narrative regarding the relationship between price and quality. Many people presume that an expensive item is of higher quality than an affordable item. While that may be true in some instances, it’s not always the case. On the other hand, people also make the mistake of presuming a great price means they’re getting a great deal, which is also false. In other words, if the price is too good to be true, it probably is. Alternatively, if a company is selling their used equipment at new prices, that’s also not a good investment. All things considered, lab decision-makers must be wary of prices, and they can’t allow themselves to fall into the false narrative that so many people fall prey to.

Does the Machine Come With a Warranty or Is One Available?

Every lab should protect their equipment with a warranty. Some companies may include a basic warranty with the purchase of a machine; be sure to read the details of the warranty and what it covers. Most general warranties will only cover minor problems for the first year. That said, it’s always worth investing in an extended warranty. As we mentioned earlier, every lab must abide by their budget, but they also need to protect their investment. Asking the supplier about the warranties they offer is one of the best decisions a lab can make because warranties make repairs or replacements significantly more affordable.

Does the Supplier Provide Service As Well?

Laboratories should only work with used lab equipment dealers that perform the refurbishing and service themselves. There are several benefits to finding a supplier that completes repairs and refurbishing in-house. The primary benefit is that the supplier has first-hand knowledge of the machine that their customers purchase. Because the supplier completed the refurbishing process, they can provide accurate and honest insight on the machine, such as which parts the technicians previously replaced or repaired.

Moreover, the supplier can provide higher-quality and personable customer service, as well as better machine service because they personally repaired the machine. If the supplier didn’t refurbish the lab equipment themselves, there’s no way to know if the equipment received quality parts or service. Additionally, a supplier that sells used or refurbished analytical instruments but doesn’t service them probably doesn’t know what they’re doing. GenTech Scientific has a rigorous refurbishing process that our experienced technicians complete in-house to provide only the highest quality products to our customers.

The Supplier’s Integrity and Operations

Every lab must do their homework before choosing a supplier to work with. Research each supplier deeply to uncover honest customer reviews and testimonials. A trustworthy supplier won’t hide anything from their current or future customers. Moreover, labs must discover and learn about the supplier’s processes and standards. Lab equipment suppliers should seek long-term partnerships with their customers and vice versa.

A laboratory needs a dependable equipment supplier and servicer—ideally, the same supplier will provide both features. One primary indicator of a supplier’s integrity is their experience. Is their staff comprised of industry professionals? Do they ask questions that demonstrate industry knowledge and expertise? Laboratories are vital to the betterment of society. Thus, they deserve an experienced partner to supply high-quality equipment that aids their operations.

As you can see, there are several important factors to consider before purchasing used lab equipment, most of which revolve around the quality of the supplier. Your lab needs reliable instruments to perform routine analysis, and perhaps, unconventional experiments. The problem many labs encounter is their budget, and that’s where used equipment comes in. There are several elements to look for when you’re considering used equipment, but all those elements are taken care of when you work with an experienced supplier. Experienced lab equipment suppliers know what to look for in quality equipment. More importantly, they know how to refurbish them and support your lab’s goals.

If you’re looking for a dependable supplier, look no further than GenTech Scientific. Our company was founded by an industry professional, and we only hire the best people to support our customers. When you purchase equipment from us, but you’re not only getting the best refurbished equipment available, you’re entering a long-term partnership with a company that wants to support you.

In addition to our products and service, we offer competitive financing options. You can even sell or trade your old lab instruments for cash. Our goal is to support your lab’s endeavors with the necessary lab equipment. Don’t worry—although our products are of exceptional quality, we sell them at a fair price because we believe in the benefit that laboratories offer society. If you have any questions about our processes, products, pricing, selling and trading, or financing options, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team consists of knowledgeable individuals who are eager to assist you.

What To Consider Before Purchasing Used Lab Equipment