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The last thing any lab wants is for their crucial instruments and machines to malfunction, costing the lab time and productivity. Prevent damage to your integral lab equipment by following our simple maintenance tips below.

Train on the Equipment

While it may not typically be considered maintenance, everyone using sensitive and expensive lab equipment must be thoroughly trained first. This machine or instrument training ensures that everyone in the lab can safely and correctly operate the equipment without posing a danger to themselves or the equipment.

It’s a common mistake in many labs where someone less experienced with a machine or instrument uses it and damages the equipment. Ensure that everyone who may use a particular piece of equipment is thoroughly trained on it for the safety of the machine and lab.

GenTech Scientific’s analytical instrument training covers instrument operation, calibration and more, with topics customized to the instrument and the customer’s needs.

Clean Equipment Frequently

Frequent cleanings may be the most basic but essential maintenance tip that prevents damaging lab equipment. Like other equipment, lab instruments work better and longer when kept clean.

Lab equipment should get wiped down after every use and given a basic cleaning at the end of each day, with more time and effort put into thoroughly cleaning all the instruments each week. The more the equipment gets used without a quality cleaning, the more likely dust, powders, and liquids can seep into the inner workings of the machine or instrument and cause problems.

Keep Equipment Covered

A simple and cost-effective strategy for preserving lab equipment is keeping it clean and covered when not in use. Labs can be notorious hotbeds for dirt, dust, and other contaminants that can damage lab equipment, so when a machine isn’t in use, it should get covered or stored out of harm’s reach.

Store any supplies and instruments away, preferably in vacuum-sealed bags or containers, and cover any machines. Typically, the best investment a lab can make in preserving equipment is a simple custom cover to place on the machine when it’s not used to keep dirt, dust, and other materials off its surface.

Calibrate Regularly

Frequent calibrations are also integral to lab equipment maintenance to ensure the instrument is accurate and precise. Calibrating lab equipment is similar to realigning it to return the instrument to its peak accuracy.

Some labs calibrate their equipment, while others send their instruments to third-party calibration services. Labs should calibrate their equipment at least twice yearly, preferably quarterly when possible.

Pro Tip

Use labels with dates of the last calibration and machine maintenance as a reminder of when it’s due for its next calibration.

If your instruments or machines need calibration or repairs, GenTech Scientific’s lab equipment repair services can help. Our skilled staff of trained technicians can perform fast and quality repairs on every kind of lab instrument and machine. Contact our staff about our equipment repair services today.

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