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A laboratory needs to be in tip-top shape to function at peak capacity. But pristine cleanliness doesn’t happen overnight—it results from hard work and consistent efforts. So here is what should be included in a lab maintenance checklist.

Daily Cleaning

The first and most important task on any laboratory maintenance checklist is daily cleaning. Machines that run all day long need a break, and technicians must clean every part to avoid problems in the future. When labs ignore cleaning activities, they encourage a culture of negligence. Cleanliness must remain a priority, so make it one by putting it at the top of the list.

Check for Damage

Every item in the lab serves a purpose, from the computers to the goggles. Stay on the lookout for damage. Personal protective equipment with holes and goggles with cracked lenses are unacceptable in lab environments, especially when the lab contains toxic materials. No one wants a vial of acid to splash through the hole on a bodysuit and burn someone.

Checking for damages extends from PPE to the machines themselves. Do you have cracks in your machines? Are your tools broken or untrustworthy? Keep an eye out during maintenance to head off these problems. Suppose someone finds a crack in the lab’s LCMS equipment. The lab must replace your parts or device quickly before a workplace accident occurs.

Address Inventory

Laboratories handle dangerous materials that require specific storage parameters. It’s crucial to check up on these areas to ensure all safety measures are in place and there is no danger to personnel. For example, if the lab stores pressurized gas cylinders, keep them away from flammable substances or heavy materials. If the lab contains an array of refrigerators and freezers, be sure to check the machine temperatures and seals of items inside.

Knowing what should be included in a lab maintenance checklist will optimize your weekly workflow. If you need help organizing your lab or repairing broken devices, reach out to us at GenTech Scientific today. Our team of specialists can help solve your problem and navigate any maintenance issue that comes your way.