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For October, which is “Cannabis Month” here at GenTech, we selected KCA Labs, an independent 3rd-party analytical chemistry testing laboratory, as our Customer of the Month.

Based in Kentucky, and focused on advancing the science of industrial hemp, KCA Labs is licensed with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, performs regulatory testing for Massachusetts, is registered with the DEA, and is accredited to the ISO/IEC 17025 standard. They are also the first laboratory selected by CATCH (Consortium for Accurate Testing of Cannabis & Hemp) as a laboratory adhering to the highest standards of testing. Visit their website to learn more about KCA Labs.

GenTech CCO Yvette Pagano spoke with Chris Ware, KCA Labs CEO and founder, about their work, the challenges of being a startup – especially a startup in the cannabis industry, the business relationship that’s developed between GenTech and KCA Labs, and more. Several clips from that interview follow here. View the entire interview and additional excerpts on our Youtube channel.

A quick intro to KCA Labs
A little more about KCA Labs and the testing they perform
We shamelessly ask, “What’s Your Favorite Thing About Working with GenTech?”