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There’s been a lot going on at GenTech this fall!

October was dubbed “Cannabis month” at GenTech largely due to our focus on MJBizCon preparation. Right now, as we write, staff are representing GenTech in Las Vegas at that show, one of the largest in the industry.

We recently launched the new cannabis testing section and a new Featured Partner’s page on our (also new) website.

Our October Customer of the Month is also focused on cannabis and industrial hemp. Learn more about KCA Labs and watch our full interview with Chris Ware, their CEO and founder.

Our Tech Tips this month have focused on cannabis testing as well, and we’ve replaced several older videos on the topic with 2021 versions.

On October 15th, GenTech was honored to be named ‘Manufacturing Business of the Year’ by our local Chamber of Commerce. Thank you, Arcade Area Chamber of Commerce!

A couple posts have gone over very well on our social media channels this past week. “Where’s Carlos?”, a series following Carlos Valentin, one of our Field Service Engineers on his installation travels always garners interest. Highly Capitalized’s video interview with our CCO, Yvette Pagano, also continues to generate views. The bit of curated content that generated the most interest last week was an opinion piece by Paul Armentano, deputy director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) titled, “Marijuana’s therapeutic benefits are well documented.”

One thing that didn’t go over so well were the two surveys we posted on LinkedIn, geared toward cannabis-testing laboratories. If you’re a lab involved in testing cannabis, we’d love your input! Survey 1 | Survey 2

See you with another roundup next week!