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Adding to the organizations that GenTech Scientific sponsors/supports, this year we are pleased to become an organizational member of ASTM International (formerly, American Society for Testing and Materials).

ASTM International – Then, and Now

Founded June 16, 1898, the “American Society for Testing Materials,” as it was originally known, was formed to address the frequent rail breaks impacting the growing railroad industry.[1] 

Now celebrating its 125th anniversary, and a name change or two later, ASTM International has become an international standards organization that defines/develops and publishes technical standards for all kinds of materials, processes, products and services. While ASTM International standards are voluntary, many have been incorporated into governmental regulations or corporate contracts where compliance has then become mandatory. Today, ASTM International boasts more than 30,000 members in over 140 participating countries.

Yvette Pagano, GenTech Scientific CCO, proudly displaying GenTech's ASTM International membership plaque.

ASTM International is a shining example of collaboration and innovation among scientists. They have been around for 125 years, yet continue to evolve by embracing new research and methods in nascent industries such as cannabis and hemp testing.

~Yvette Pagano, CCO, GenTech Scientific

Helping our world work better

ASTM International proudly adopted the above tagline in 2014. With more than 12,500 ASTM International standards in operation globally, the organization notes that it improves the lives of millions every day. From product improvement to consumer safety concerns, ASTM International standards promote best practices, helping all of us to feel confident about the things we buy and use.[2]

Celebrating 125 Years of ASTM International

What are the Standards We’re Talking About?

Just a few of the categories of Standards relevant to our products and our customers include:

In 2017, Committee D37 on Cannabis formed to develop standards related to cannabis, and cannabis products and processes. This fall, October 10-12, 2023, ASTM International will hold a virtual Symposium on Contaminants in the Cannabis and Hemp Industry and Their Impact on Consumer Safety.

At CannMed 23 earlier this month, Yvette was fortunate to meet Kathleen May, the CEO of Triskele Quality Solutions, a GMP/QMS consulting group in the cannabis, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries. Kathleen is also Chair of ASTM International’s Cannabis Committee, D37 and is a board member of HCANN, the Hemp and Cannabis Council of Costa Rica.

Kathleen May and Yvette Pagano at CannMed23

The importance of standardization from seed to sale is more critical than ever as the cannabis industry battles issues such as lab shopping, potency inflation, and product recalls. The consumer, who should be the number one priority for cannabis operations, is ultimately at risk when these events occur. However, standardization is just one piece of a very large puzzle necessary to ensure consumer health and safety in the cannabis industry. Improvements are needed as to how regulations are written and implemented, and proper training provided for individuals responsible for the enforcement of those regulations.

~Kathleen May, CEO Triskele Quality Solutions, and ASTM International D37 Chair.

Pictured, left to right, is Kathleen May and Yvette Pagano at CannMed23.

Visit the ASTM International website to learn about membership opportunities for both business and consumers. Whatever your industry, ASTM International offers standards and training and other information to help make our world work better.

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