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Chances are, if you work in a research lab or you’re attending a university to become a research lab technician, you’ve used high-performance liquid chromatography. Many industries—from pharmaceutical, to forensics, to several medical applications—use these methods. That said, these machines can offer several advantages to each industry individually, but there are some common advantages across all applications. Below, we introduce the benefits of high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).

HPLC Is Useful for Many Industries

As we briefly mentioned, several industries benefit from the innovation of high-performance liquid chromatography. For example, the pharmaceutical industry uses HPLC to analyze the contents of different medicine mixtures, especially in common medicines like ibuprofen. The forensic industry has become a devoted adopter of HPLC methods for a few different reasons. For instance, HPLC can analyze toxicology, explosives, gunshot residue, inks, and more. Of course, the medicine industry has used chromatography for years, but high-performance liquid chromatography made the analysis of several factors much more efficient. For example, HPLC helps identify plasma levels and helps diagnose diseases such as heart disease and Parkinson’s.

HPLC Is Much Faster Than Other Chromatography Methods

One of the primary benefits of high-performance liquid chromatography is the increased speed compared to other chromatography methods. For example, HPLC uses pumps to move their samples, as opposed to moving samples by pouring a liquid on them or through another method. Because of the high-pressure pumps used in HPLC, it speeds the process of testing a substance much faster than other methods, while still maintaining accuracy.

Greater Efficiency Compared to Other Methods

Setting up and calibrating HPLC can be a challenging process for inexperienced lab technicians, but once it’s set up to your specifications, it’s easy to use. In fact, once the setup is complete, HPLC machines do most of the work, so almost anyone can operate them with little training. Since HPLC machines are mostly automated, the technician can focus on taking notes and analyzing while the machine does the separating. GenTech Scientific even provides installation, application set-up and training for your entire team – so you can focus on what matters most – the science.

High-performance liquid chromatography has become one of the most common methods to separate components of substances within the pharmaceutical industry, forensics, and medicine. The complexity and versatility of these machines have made them one of the most efficient methods to analyze samples. If you’re looking for more information or you’re considering purchasing one of these machines, GenTech Scientific is the leading provider of refurbished lab equipment. Through our industry expertise, we meticulously refurbish each piece of equipment to make them like new. If you’re looking for an HPLC machine for sale, we have an extensive inventory – and many instruments are ready to ship. Contact us today for more information.