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How to change the needle and needle seat on a 1313 and 1329 autosampler? This week, Carlos, our well-traveled Service Engineer, demonstrates how to do so.

Where’s Carlos?

If you follow GenTech on social media, you may know that Carlos regularly travels across the country installing or repairing analytical instruments, and we regularly ask, “Where’s Carlos?” (For this week’s #TechTip, we’re pleased to answer that Carlos is right here at GenTech!)

Why and How to Fix It…

It is important to know how to change the needle and needle seat on your autosampler. This is a fundamental part of maintaining your equipment. If the needle becomes damaged, if there is leaking from the needle or the seat, or if there is a clog, it’s time to replace the assembly. It should also be replaced as part of your annual maintenance procedure. The needle and needle seat assembly should be changed at the same time.

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