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When something breaks and needs to be repaired, you must call a highly trained technician to handle the issue. However, selecting this person could be a challenge, especially if you handle delicate, technical equipment. Choosing the right analytical instrument repair technician is vital to the success of your operation. Here’s what to look for in the search process.

Know What Instruments They Repair

The first thing you should look for in a repair technician is the variety of instruments they repair. Do they service your specific instrument? What other types of tools are they familiar with? If they seem to do everything, they could be a jack-of-all-trades—which could either be a blessing or a curse, as this means they’d be talented in many things but have a mediocre skill level. Check for a knowledgeable repair person who seems competent in exactly what you need.

Look for Industry-Standard Certifications

You can’t choose simply anyone to work on your analytical instruments. There are technicalities and nuances in engineering that only a trained person could understand. Look for industry-standard certifications for your devices and see if the technician holds these qualifications.

Though it isn’t a formal certification, you should also check their online reviews. What do previous customers have to say about their skills? Knowing what other businesses experienced with this individual or company can serve as an assurance for your needs.

Check Their Availability and Return Time

Once you feel reassured of their capabilities, reach out and see when they’re available. Sometimes, these projects require a lot of time, and that can be annoying when you need something fixed quickly. So, ask about their return time and what communication to expect from them. The last thing you want to do is contract a technician who cannot visit your site for two months when they have the ability to fix your device in three weeks.

Choosing the right analytical instrument repair technician can mean the difference between a competent, quick fix or a months-long low-quality repair. If you want the very best services available to laboratories across the nation, reach out to us at GenTech Scientific. Our team of trained and qualified technicians can handle laboratory instrument repair of many types.