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Agilent 7890A GC, 5975 MSD & 7693 at an Unbeatable Price of $47,699

7890-5975-7693 left

This Fourth of July, it’s time to elevate your laboratory to new heights with our exclusive promotion. Experience the perfect blend of quality and affordability as we present a refurbished Agilent 7890A Gas Chromatograph (GC), 5975 Mass Selective Detector (MSD), and 7693 Autosampler. Discover how this exceptional system can transform your lab’s analytical capabilities, all at an unbeatable price.
Upgrade with Confidence: GenTech Scientific LLC is experienced in refurbishing scientific instruments and understands the importance of reliable and top-notch laboratory instruments. Rest assured that each component of this Agilent GC-MS system has undergone meticulous refurbishment, ensuring peak performance and longevity.

Unleash Advanced Analytical Capabilities: Harness the power of the Agilent 7890A GC, known for its precision, reliability, and versatility. With precise temperature control and advanced flow dynamics, it enables accurate separation and analysis of complex samples. Paired with the 5975 MSD, this system provides high-resolution mass spectrometry, offering sensitive and selective detection of target compounds. From trace-level contaminant identification to confident analyte quantification, take your analytical capabilities to new heights.

7890-5975-7693 right

Efficiency and Automation at Your Fingertips: Enhance your workflow with the 7693 Autosampler brings a user-friendly interface by automating sample introduction and reducing manual handling. The 7693 Autosampler saves valuable time and boosts productivity, allowing you to focus on data analysis and interpretation.

Unlock Cost-Effective Innovation: This Fourth of July special allows you to unlock cutting-edge technology at an incredible value. Investing in a refurbished Agilent GC-MS system lets you revamp your lab without stretching your budget. Enjoy the benefits of advanced analysis, accurate compound detection, and improved productivity without compromising on quality. Add the

Act Now – Limited Time Offer: Don’t miss out on this limited-time Fourth of July special. Contact our team today to seize the opportunity to acquire a refurbished Agilent GC/MS system at the unbeatable price of $47,699. Whether you’re in academia, pharmaceuticals, environmental analysis, or any other scientific field, it’s time to unlock your lab’s true potential and drive breakthrough research.

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