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Trading in unwanted lab supplies is a fantastic opportunity for labs looking to make way for new tools while remaining within budget. Here are some tips on how to make the most of trading in surplus lab equipment.

Prep Equipment To Increase Its Value

Trading in your equipment requires a small amount of prep work, but the effort you put in increases what the surplus lab equipment is worth. Collecting and documenting all components of the machines allows buyers to get a better comparison of the device’s value against the cost of any replacement parts.

Even a quick cleaning improves the condition of the equipment. Ensuring that the equipment has all parts documented, has an acceptable appearance, and includes its latest servicing paperwork serves to increase the machine’s value and salability.

Take Advantage of Credit Options

Sellers can trade surplus lab equipment for cash, but there is more value in trading for credit with a reliable lab equipment reseller. Labs still in need of equipment and supplies may trade in multiple pieces and apply the value to purchases later. This process allows labs to move out old equipment and replace it efficiently at a lower price.

Use the Opportunity To Recycle

Another way to make the most of trading in surplus lab equipment is to use the opportunity to recycle old, valueless machines. Choosing to trade in equipment is an inherently eco-conscious choice, as refurbished instruments reduce the environmental burden of the lab industry. But not all items are salvageable. Our team is happy to help recycle most kinds of equipment so that you can reorganize your lab as efficiently as possible.

At GenTech Scientific, we understand the value of your time as well as the value of your equipment. When you sell lab equipment online, we gladly uninstall and pick up equipment from virtually anywhere in exchange for cash or credit toward future equipment. Reach out to us to receive an appraisal of your surplus equipment when you’re ready to make room in your lab.