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Before selling your lab equipment, you should ask yourself a few questions, like its value and whether the lab can function without it. We’ll explain these questions and more in our guide to selling used lab equipment.

Is the Equipment Surplus?

Before selling instruments and tools, consider whether the equipment is critical to lab function or is surplus. Has the lab gotten newer models of the equipment, or has the equipment not been used in months or even years?

Even lightly-used equipment may be integral to some tasks and functions of the lab, so lab managers shouldn’t rush to put items up for sale before confirming with the rest of the lab first. If the lab no longer uses the equipment or has its replacement ready, the used equipment is likely worth selling.

Who Owns the Equipment?

Before selling the equipment, lab managers should confirm the ownership rights of the equipment. Many labs rent instruments and tools from suppliers or other labs for long periods, and some people may not even realize the lab doesn’t own the equipment.

Even if the lab does own it, there may be restrictions regarding ownership authority of the equipment, especially in university labs. Before putting the surplus or broken-down equipment for sale, double-check the ownership and any potential regulations regarding the purchase or sale of the instruments.

What Is the Equipment’s Value?

After determining that the lab can function without it and has the authority to sell it, it’s time to consider the equipment’s value. Used lab equipment can fetch a certain price depending on age, condition, and functionality.

Labs should also consider if the equipment has more value to the lab as an instrument or if it is sold for cash. Sellers should browse lab equipment marketplaces of similar items to compare the value to what’s already available. Doing so will help them find a fair price.

Where Can I Sell the Equipment?

The last question to ask before selling your lab equipment is where to sell it. Lab managers can post items on marketplaces and hope they attract multiple buyers and bids. They can also sell used lab equipment to a refurbished equipment supplier like GenTech Scientific.

We will buy most functional and even broken instruments directly from labs or put them toward a trade for those needing to replace malfunctioning equipment. All sellers have to do is send some basic information to our team, and we’ll reply with a reasonable quote of its value. We can purchase your equipment quickly for a smooth and beneficial transaction for everyone.

GenTech Scientific will take your used lab instruments and tools at a fair value or put them toward trade-in value for the high-quality instruments and machines in our refurbished equipment inventory.