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A laboratory is like a business, and there is always a bottom line. Instead of ignoring money problems, tackle them head-on, and work toward a more cost-efficient operation. Here are some smart ways to cut laboratory costs for good.

Take Time To Shop Well

Every laboratory needs new equipment when old pieces break down or need servicing. Instead of reordering the same machine out of familiarity with the brand, lab managers should take the time to shop well. Research the best deals, and find how to cut costs for lab machinery. While it will take more time, shopping around will result in lower costs that provide spending power elsewhere. To maximize savings, labs might look for refurbished scientific instruments instead of new ones or find a rental or lease program instead of outright purchasing items.

Perform Preventive Maintenance

While it may sound counterintuitive to pay for maintenance as a way to cut costs, the long-term effects are real. Preventive care specifically addresses minor flaws or issues before they snowball into costlier problems. Suppose a lab works with a gas chromatography system. The chromatography machine may have a loose bolt or screw that, left unaddressed, may buckle under the pressure. This could break other interior components that will then require replacement. Preventive maintenance intentionally looks for problems before they occur and saves laboratories from more significant issues down the road.

Audit Daily Workflows

Every business relies on efficient and practical measures for success, and a laboratory is no different. There are dozens of people running their own projects, each of whom could do it slightly better, saving time and money in the process. Audit the daily workflows for each person on staff at the laboratory, and see where people waste time during the day. Wasted time does not mean lazy or unproductive staff. Instead, think about the steps a person must take to access their essential tools.

For example, if a technician must clean and test their machine before running it, this takes time out of their day when they could run samples. Instead of requiring every person to run their own machine, task one person to check every device every morning. That way, a signed safety checklist enables staff to get to work right away without wasting precious time.

Learning the smart ways to cut laboratory costs for good can make a considerable difference in laboratory operations. With the right mix of research and application, every lab manager can improve lab spending habits. If you need help finding suitable instruments for your laboratory, reach out to us at GenTech Scientific today.