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The role of mass spectrometry in the cannabis industry is to ensure a product is safe and as advertised for consumers. The variety of tests conducted using mass spectrometry equipment inform businesses and academic organizations about the impact of new practices on cannabis products. The results of mass spectrometry analysis play a role in decision-making and procedures for pharmaceutical, food, and wellness companies across the world.

Detecting Pesticide Residue

Pesticides are a commonly relied-on tool in the agricultural industry, and they are also used in the growth of cannabis. However, the presence of these pesticides in the final product presents a potential risk to humans. Multiple states require pesticide testing on cannabis products to protect consumers.

Mass spectrometry is a common feature in both gas and liquid chromatography systems when looking for the presence of pesticides. The Multiple-Reaction Monitoring (MRM) technique allows for highly sensitive analysis as well as the simultaneous detection of multiple compounds.

Measuring Residual Solvents

Alongside the need for identifying pesticides in cannabis products, the cannabis industry relies on chemical solvents to produce the intended concentrate. Due to the potential hazard of many solvents, it’s crucial to ensure manufacturers only use accepted Class 3 solvents and that residual solvents are not present in the final product to a significant degree. Mass spectrometry gives labs further insight into the solvent compound used and provides accurate measurements of residual solvent levels.

Identifying Heavy Metals

Heavy metals are yet another compound that cannabis analysis labs must identify in a product. The heavy metals tested for include arsenic, cadmium, mercury, and lead. These heavy metals may enter the product via packaging and handling but can also enter the plant due to water or soil contamination. Testing a sample from each batch using highly sensitive mass spectrometry techniques ensures that a lab can detect the often-low regulatory levels and help a producer identify any areas of issue.

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