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Meet 9 Delta Analytical, GenTech’s August Customer of the Month!

Because of scheduling conflicts and packed schedules, we’re very late with our release this month of our conversation with 9 Delta Analytical, our August Customer of the Month. But it’s good to be busy, and some things are worth the wait!

In a bit of a departure from our usual practice of honoring a long-time customer as Customer of the Month, for August our team selected 9 Delta, a woman-led California startup. They characterize their toxicology lab as a collaborative laboratory, meaning that they consult with other scientists who don’t have access to a lab of their own for their projects.

GenTech CCO Yvette Pagano had a Zoom conversation with Christine Moore, President, and Cynthia Coulter, Director of Laboratory Operations. Watch a clip from that conversation below. Watch the entire interview on YouTube.