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Laboratories are the backbone of research in industries varying from medicine and pharmaceuticals to forensic and food science. However, every lab needs several pieces of equipment in order to conduct their research effectively. Two analytical instruments are commonly found in laboratories: gas chromatography machines and mass spectrometers. However, as testing became more sophisticated, scientists needed a machine that could efficiently analyze smaller molecules. Thus, manufacturers merged gas chromatography and mass spectrometry to create what’s better known as a GC/MS system. Continue reading to learn the advantages of using GC/MS.

Compact and versatile

The floor plan of every lab is different, as is the available space. A GC/MS system is one of the most compact yet powerful analytical instruments available. Furthermore, the complexity of a GC/MS system allows scientists to analyze different mixtures in different industries. Two industries that have widely accepted GC/MS are food and forensic science, but these machines are an excellent addition to any lab in any industry.

Analysis capabilities

By combining the separating properties of gas chromatography and the ionization principles of mass spectrometry, GC/MS machines can analyze smaller and more volatile molecules. GC/MS instruments combine the best of both worlds, ensuring the most accurate research and discoveries, which can be vital in a forensic science research lab where accuracy is nonnegotiable.

Identifying analytes

What makes GC/MS systems so unique is their ability to easily separate complex mixtures and clearly identify analytes. While there are other analytical instruments that can also recognize analytes, GC/MS instruments are arguably the most accurate at doing so. Analytes are vital to research as they help scientists make accurate and educated decisions when forming their hypotheses.

There’s no question that there are advantages of a GC/MS system. Additionally, we know that laboratories need reliable, versatile, and complex equipment to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. However, lab technicians can’t do their jobs effectively and efficiently without high-quality analytical instruments and other equipment.

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