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Buying second-hand lab equipment is great for the budget and peace of mind when that equipment is expertly refurbished and warrantied by GenTech Scientific.

Whether a lab supports the pharmaceutical, medicine, agriculture, or forensics industry, analytical instruments are vital to research. Regardless of a lab’s specialty, all labs share a common problem: limited resources. Labs frequently analyze their budgets to make the best decisions regarding their resource allocation strategy. A laboratory’s equipment shouldn’t restrain their progress in research and development. One of the best ways to invest in lab equipment is by purchasing used equipment from a trustworthy partner. To learn some of the benefits of buying second-hand lab equipment, read our guide below.

Financially rewarding

The most evident benefit of buying used lab equipment is the cost. Labs that purchase equipment second-hand can get equipment that they couldn’t otherwise afford and improve their lab’s opportunity. Moreover, if a lab doesn’t have the resources to purchase the machine upfront, financing a fairly priced used instrument is more appropriate than getting a brand new one.

Professionally refurbished equipment is pristine

There’s a common misconception around second-hand equipment – people presume that refurbished equipment is low-quality. While some suppliers might sell low-quality equipment, it’s far from true with our equipment. When an instrument leaves our warehouse, it will work as if it just left the OEM factory because our refurbishing team is made up of industry veterans. The refurbishing process includes an in-depth inspection, cleaning, and any necessary repairs. Furthermore, by refurbishing our equipment in-house, we’re able to provide personalized customer support because we personally refurbished the unit.


Manufacturers that produce brand new lab equipment often have a long wait time, sometimes exceeding six weeks or more. Most laboratories don’t have time to wait because they may be operating according to deadlines, especially in an agricultural lab where they report findings to the FDA. Purchasing equipment second-hand surpasses the wait time, allowing labs to return to work in a timely manner.

Finally, reducing waste is among the most important factors in corporate sustainability. Another benefit of buying second-hand lab equipment is that laboratories can reduce their carbon footprint. Investing in used equipment alleviates the need for new raw materials to manufacture new instruments, and it reduces the risk of lab equipment filling landfills.

If you’re ready to buy high-quality, expertly refurbished used laboratory equipment, GenTech Scientific is your one-stop-shop. We buy and sell used analytical instruments, and provide professional repair and servicing and top-notch customer service. We believe you should be able to run the laboratory you’ve always wanted to without breaking the bank, and that’s why we price our equipment fairly. If you’d like to request a quote, sell your old equipment, or have questions––contact our team today; we’re happy to help.