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6 Reasons Refurbished Scientific Instruments
are the Way to Go

Why quality refurbished laboratory instruments are a preferred choice
among experts          

You have a flash of brilliance and a new idea that requires equipment you don’t yet have

A workhorse instrument goes down and you need to get a replacement asap

You want to update your lab with optimal equipment while staying within budget

There are many reasons one might have in seeking a new instrument for purchase, however, new instrumentation isn’t always necessary to complete a project. Whether you have a short-term project, require a replacement system, or need to update your lab, there are many options in the refurbished instrument market. Here are 6 reasons that will convince you that “new” doesn’t necessarily mean “better” for your needs.

 1.   Applications

A quality refurbished instrument can serve as an upgrade to the lab for both existing operations or new research applications. Existing methods may be built around and validated on a specific instrument. Should the instrumentation need replacement or updating, it is often best to go with the same or similar make and model. Not only does this keep the workflow intact, it can greatly ease the suffering that may come from migrating and revalidating methods, training staff, and learning and integrating new software.

Many new instruments typically include new features and add-ons which may be completely irrelevant to your needs – with substantial costs that accompany such un-needed luxuries.

2.  Quality Testing, Service, and Support

This begins at the point of purchase. Quality refurbished instruments are tested and validated to OEM standards, so it is clear the instrument is running smoothly and has been thoroughly inspected on many levels. A new instrument out of the box has not seen action as of yet. Analogous to a new car, the factory may have tested it but, until it sees real action, it has not seen real world stress.

Reliable companies that provide high quality refurbished instruments back these products up with service and support to keep you running smoothly and at peak performance.

 3.  Warranties

Factory warranties are fine if a new instrument turns out to have problems from the start. Lingering or repeat problems are sometimes addressed with a sales pitch – particularly after the factory warranty has runs its course. Quality refurbished dealers provide warrantee options to suit your needs.

The willingness to provide these flexible solutions again speaks to the quality of both the company and the products they support.

4. Costs

The price tag is only one piece of the equation and, although a new instrument is nice, one has to consider all of the upfront expenses in this investment. New space requirements, new hardware and/or software, new training, new methods, and new hidden costs must all be considered in that price – figures that are difficult to plan and budget accurately.

A quality refurbished instrument can come with a price tag one half that of a new one. Any additional costs can be better predicted and budgeted for as well.

5. Return on Investment

The most important measure of a capital equipment purchase is the return on investment.  While many upfront details can be tracked – price, shipping, service contract, infrastructure costs — others can be more difficult to calculate – operating costs, maintenance, repairs, and downtime.

Going with a refurbished instrument from a quality dealer will allow you to more accurately track these difficult details – providing piece of mind that the instrument will operate within your budget. This is particularly important as your operations expand to encompass new instruments and applications – with growing operating costs and resource allocations to match.

6. Company

In the end, it is the company that can make the biggest impact on the return on investment. Certain costs may be calculated, but the reputation and commitment of the company can have huge implications on your success – a difference of whether that new grant gets funded or whether your research achieves the next milestone or breakthrough. 

GenTech, putting new life into old instruments since 1996

GenTech Scientific supplies quality refurbished analytical instrumentation. Our skilled technicians rigorously inspect and refurbish all of our products to go above and beyond a simple refurbishment process. We guaranteed OEM standards at a fraction of the cost of new instruments, and we provide one year warranty on all GenTech Certified Instruments!

In our 60,000 square foot facility, we maintain a large inventory of used and refurbished lab instruments and parts. We stock GC, MS, LC, HPLC, ICP, AA, and SEM/TEM analytical instrumentation. We refurbish quality analytical instruments from all the major manufacturers, including Agilent, Thermo, Dionex, AB Sciex, Shimadzu, Waters and more. We have the instruments and the services to meet your labs customized needs!

Why Buy New When You Don’t Have to?

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