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Most laboratories are well versed in lab equipment maintenance and follow all the appropriate procedures. That said, lab equipment will need repairs and replacements over time. Our experts will break down the differences between repairing and replacing lab equipment in the following guide. Read on to learn more.

Repairing Lab Equipment

In most scenarios, laboratories will opt for repairing their equipment before replacing it. Some repairs should be routine, as a part of regular maintenance. There are two primary benefits of repairing lab equipment. First, repairs are much more cost-effective because they don’t require purchasing new equipment. Second, as we mentioned before, many repairs are part of maintaining the machine, and proper maintenance leads to a productive and efficient machine. It’s crucial that the lab ensures quality repairs by hiring a professional lab equipment repair service.

Replacing Lab Equipment

Some labs think replacing means replacing the entire machine, but it’s more common to replace certain components before replacing the whole machine. This procedure often takes place with machine components that naturally break down over time. For instance, labs frequently replace the columns or pumps on chromatography machines as their performance begins to decrease. Of course, lab officials should consider the age and condition of their lab equipment when choosing between replacing a component or the entire machine. In some scenarios, the best decision is getting a new machine. To make the best decision, the lab staff should compare their repair costs and the cost to replace the equipment.

Many labs are skeptical about replacing the equipment because of the costs involved. If you consider long-term costs, however, replacing the machine is sometimes the most cost-effective decision. When you compare repairing vs. replacing your lab equipment, it’s vital that you also work with a trustworthy company. A great lab equipment company will be honest and tell you if it’s in your best interest to replace the machine as opposed to taking your money on repairs.

When you work with GenTech Scientific, you can rest assured that you’ll always receive professional and integrity-driven service. With a team of industry professionals, we know what your lab needs. Whether your machine needs service or you want to upgrade, we’ve got you covered. Contact our team today for more information regarding buying and trading your old equipment, financing, and pricing. We look forward to working with you.