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Selling and recycling old lab equipment has many benefits, whether you’re upgrading instruments or reclaiming and maximizing space. At some point in the lifespan of every research or testing lab, its equipment will reach its expiration date, and the lab will require new equipment. But what to do with the old equipment? We’ll go over the benefits of selling and recycling your old equipment in our guide instead of simply throwing it away.

It’s Environmentally Responsible

A significant benefit of selling and recycling old lab equipment is that it’s more efficient and less wasteful. If lab equipment and materials aren’t properly recycled, they wind up in a landfill most of the time. Today, landfills are already overflowing, so any little bit saved from landfills is beneficial to the environment.

Also, even if the lab equipment did not directly deal with hazardous chemicals and materials, there could be traces and remnants on the equipment. Those dangerous materials could seep into the soil and nearby water supply in a landfill, becoming hazardous to the environment and people.

Plus, selling old lab equipment also saves from expending energy to create brand-new equipment. Environmental responsibility isn’t just about correctly disposing of waste, but also about getting the most value and efficiency out of our resources.

It Saves Money

The most practical benefit for labs to sell their equipment is that it helps the bottom line. Instead of simply tossing out old lab equipment, labs can turn it into a recoup of their investment by selling it to other labs.

Old lab equipment is ideal for labs that are just starting or need a quick replacement or upgrade, and it’s easier than ever to sell lab equipment online. That influx of cash from old equipment can go towards newer, better equipment for the lab, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

It Declutters the Lab

Any lab that has been testing and researching for years is bound to accumulate some equipment that it no longer requires. Projects and goals change, and so does the equipment, so it’s not uncommon for a lab to have a piece of equipment collecting dust in the corner.

By selling and recycling old lab equipment, labs can declutter the work environment and make room for other equipment and resources. It helps the lab work more efficiently and creates a better work environment when a lab only has the tools it requires.

There are many more benefits of selling and recycling your old lab equipment than just those three reasons, but those are the primary advantages. Labs that recycle and sell old equipment are more environmentally friendly, can afford newer and better equipment, and have tidier workspaces.