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In our first video installment of Tech Tips, Crystal Weaver, Customer Support Administrator, and Roger Houston, Technical Services Manager, discuss a common customer service issue: Instrument communications.

Highlights from the conversation, summarized:

Crystal asked, ‘what’s one of the main questions customers ask when they call GenTech?’

Roger replied that we often hear from customers about communication issues with the instruments – this is certainly one of the most common issues we hear about with a newly delivered instrument.  Manufacturers generally determine certain standard sets of addressing for their instruments. What often happens is that a customer’s IT department will change things, or steal our network adapter for theirs (in which case we just have to set up an additional network adapter). Or they may install firewalls and antivirus software that can interfere with the programs and disrupt instrument communications.  In most cases we recommend that firewalls do not monitor the instrument LAN, and that antivirus is not set up to scan the instrument’s software folders.

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