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In 2021 we began a campaign to spotlight our great customers and the important work they’re doing in laboratories across the country. We’re more impressed than ever with our customers, and feel as though a mere month isn’t enough time to thank our customers and salute the science they perform every day.

So, instead of introducing a new customer for December, we thought we’d take a look back at 2021 and the great customers we’ve highlighted thus far.

May 2021 

Our very first Customer of the Month, Clean Harbors, has been providing environmental and industrial services for 40 years. Based in Massachusetts, Clean Harbors operates throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. We spoke with Bill Fornoff, Director Laboratory at Clean Harbors about how they first came to work with GenTech, and how, as a seller and servicer of used and refurbished lab equipment, GenTech became a trusted partner for Clean Harbors.


June 2021

In June, we selected the University at Buffalo as our Customer of the Month, and it was our pleasure to visit with Dr. Diana Aga, Professor & Henry M. Woodburn Chair, Department of Chemistry. Dr. Aga’s research focuses on environmental and analytical chemistry and particularly around contaminants found in water supplies and wildlife.  

Dr. Aga told us that one of the factors that lead her to work with GenTech was our large inventory of quality used analytical instruments and our ability to refurbish and service them.

We were recently interested and even more impressed to read the article, “Guardians of the Green and Blue Planet” in the November 2021 issue of the Analytical Scientist, in which four preeminent scientists – including Dr. Aga – were asked about key issues related to regulation of chemicals in the environment.

One of the highlights of our own conversation with Dr. Aga revolved around her Great Lakes research, which is especially meaningful to all of us located here in western New York.


July 2021

For our third Customer of the Month, we selected the Mentholatum® Company, a local western New York company headquartered in Orchard Park. Besides the Mentholatum® cough and cold products that we’re all familiar with, the company also manufactures several oral care products, Rohto® eye drops, Softlips® lip care and Oxy® and Hada Labo TokyoTM skin care products. GenTech visited and spoke with Michele Martin, Quality Control Supervisor at Mentholatum about what makes GenTech a good fit for Mentholatum’s laboratory equipment and service needs.

Watch for Part 2 in the future.