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Used vs. new lab equipment? Any lab planning to replace their existing equipment or invest in new tools must know when to buy used lab equipment instead of new lab equipment. Making the appropriate choice for the situation allows labs to avoid unnecessary spending and work with their goals and values in mind. The following are three scenarios in which buying used lab equipment is advantageous.

When the Lab Budget Tightens

Many laboratories operate within a limited budget and must strive to allocate funding in the most impactful, efficient way possible. Buying used lab equipment as opposed to new machinery provides a lab with an opportunity to save money. While spending less might suggest receiving lower-quality tools, many used lab equipment supplies offer guarantees or service programs to ensure the purchase is worthwhile. At GenTech Scientific, we offer both repair services and warranty options so our customers can purchase with confidence.

When Striving for an Eco-Friendly Lab

Alongside more eco-friendly labware and environmentally conscious lab practices, recycled equipment plays a major role in operating a lab focusing on sustainability. Any lab that aims to have a low carbon footprint or operate with more sustainable business practices should consider purchasing used lab equipment instead of new lab equipment. Fostering a laboratory culture that emphasizes refurbishing and reusing equipment ultimately limits excessive production and landfill waste.

When Equipment Becomes Outdated

When equipment in the lab becomes outdated, used lab equipment is still a viable option. Instead of dropping a significant portion of a lab’s budget on the most recent model, consider replacing your current equipment with a machine that is only a few years old. Lab equipment loses some of its financial value within the first years of use, so labs buying secondhand have the chance to purchase relatively modern, well-functioning equipment at lower costs.

GenTech Scientific has proudly worked for the last 25 years to become a trusted partner of laboratories in academic and commercial settings. Our skilled technicians refurbish used equipment to give scientists access to the tools they need at a fraction of the cost. When you sell used lab equipment to us, we apply the value of your instruments to your next purchase, saving you precious money and time.